7 Best Bud Trimmers— A Review of Cannabis Trimming Machines, 2021

Can You Smoke Fresh Picked Bud?

Most edible things are rich when fresh. You want to take your fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden. You want the kitchen to be smelling the freshness of the meals cooked therein, but for some herbs, like cannabis, you better dry and cure them to potentiate their rich components.   Whether you’re experimenting with […]

Dangers of Smoking Moldy Weed

Dangers of Smoking Moldy Weed

Stoners rarely speak about getting high on moldy weed. That’s because it’s gross, and the ones caught by deprivations of nature— and hit a full blunt of moldy junk are too proud to admit it. Avoid moldy weed at all costs. Be it the super strain you found in your cabinet smelling all suspicious or […]

How Long Does Edible Marijuana Stay In Your System?

How Long Does Edible Marijuana Stay In Your System?

Cannabis edibles provide a great option to get high without inhaling smoke. Smoke is a respiratory tract irritant that might leave you coughing and have other adverse health issues if prolonged. Getting high on edibles is, therefore, a better way, especially if puff, puff, pass doesn’t excite you.   If you asked me to choose […]

Why Do You Cough After Taking A Hit of Marijuana?

Canna Cough: Why Do You Cough After Taking A Hit of Marijuana?

Every stoner has suffered incessant coughs after hitting the joint. It happens— even to experienced stoners. You take a hit, and your throat is all hoarse, and your eyes begin to tear as you cough your lungs out. Incessant coughing fits can spoil your session, especially when the coughs force you to pass the joint […]

How Do You Get Rid of Stoned Eyes Fast?

How Do You Get Rid of Stoned Eyes Fast?

Perhaps you have smoked weed on your way to work. The air fresheners have removed the weed stank, but your eyes are about to reveal your little secret to the boss. The red eyes, though not painful, can be the deal-breaker.   You can get rid of the red, bloodshot eyes after smoking weed by […]

7 Ways to Consume Weed Without Smoking It

How Do You Stay Productive While High?

Getting stoned is all fun until you realize you have so much to do, and no mood to work. It happens. Weed, for most people, is a chill drug— taken when you have the time to relax, meditate, and fill your free time.   However, when you become an everyday-stoner, you must find a way […]

Weed Paranoia: 9 Tips to Combat cannabis-induced paranoia

Almost every stoner has had a weed paranoia experience. While everybody stones for the feelings of euphoria and enchantment, sometimes you end up with feelings of panic and paranoia. And it’s normal, don’t freak out. Let’s look at the scientific explanation of how weed causes paranoia. How Does Weed Cause Paranoia? Well, the link between […]