Blackstrap molasses is praised as a natural supplement that fatten and sweeten cannabis buds. Most farmers swear by its effectiveness, but does blackstrap molasses contain

Selecting the right micron-sized bag for kief extraction is a nuanced decision influenced by various factors. The primary consideration is the type of input material,

Autoflower cannabis plants lack growling stomachs, but they crave sustenance. You must find the best nutrients for autoflowering cannabis if you’re to nurture them until

Autoflowering cannabis plants flower automatically without the need for a change in lighting schedule. Unlike photoperiod cannabis plants which require a change in light cycle

Does Rain Lower The Potency Of Cannabis?

 Rain is a weather hazard that keeps outdoor cannabis growers up at night. Growers are very intentional about the quality of weed they want to

Trichomes are the resin glands that enrich your weed. They contain the terpenes and cannabinoids that determine your cannabis experience. As the cannabis plant matures,

7 Best Bud Trimmers— A Review of Cannabis Trimming Machines, 2021

Smoking fresh picked buds might be tempting if you’ve got no ready weed to get high on. After all, most edible stuff are rich when

Cannabis has been used for centuries for recreational and medicinal purposes. There are two main cannabis strains: Sativa and indica. These have distinct differences in

The weed aroma plays a vital role in your overall cannabis experience.  While some buds fill your room with a citrus scent when you open

As a beginner grower, you often stumble on unconventional growing advice, and most times you never know what to do. One of such unconventional pieces