Why Do You Cough After Taking A Hit of Marijuana?

Canna Cough: Why Do You Cough After Taking A Hit of Marijuana?

Every stoner has suffered incessant coughs after hitting the joint. It happens— even to experienced stoners. You take a hit, and your throat is all hoarse, and your eyes begin to tear as you cough your lungs out. Incessant coughing fits can spoil your session, especially when the coughs force you to pass the joint before getting enough hit.


The cough after hitting a joint is caused by the smoke irritating the respiratory tract. When you take a hit, the sensory nerves along the throat send signals to the respiratory tract, which reacts by initiating cough reflex, a natural way to get rid of the irritants. Let’s learn more;

Smoking is inhaling smoke— a throat and lung irritant. If you inhale smoke from anything, you’ll still cough. Combustion causes the release of toxins and carcinogens from the material, and combusting marijuana is no different. Here are other reasons why you cough after smoking marijuana:

You take deeper hits

While we all love longer hits, it’s good to know your limits. You can have short puffs and still get high. When you take longer hits, you’re not only inhaling too much smoke but also inhibiting the natural flow of oxygen into your lungs.


According to the American Lung Association, stoners who inhale weed deeper and hold it for longer expose their lungs to more tar per breath.


Instead of taking long hits, you can take short pulls and pace between the pulls. That way, you don’t overwhelm your body with smoke.

You’re inhaling heat

Smoking cannabis involves inhaling heat. The closer you’re to the combustion chamber, the more the heat you inhale.


Heat, like smoke, irritates the throat causing the body to react by inducing phlegm-producing coughs. You can reduce the effects of the heat by using a percolator in your bongs.


The percolator adds another chamber of water that cools down and purifies the smoke, giving it a smooth effect on your respiratory system.

Using a new smoking device

Why Do You Cough After Taking A Hit of Marijuana?
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Even experienced stoners get the beginner cough when they use a new device. If you don’t smoke a bong, you will find the smoke too overwhelming for your lungs, and you’ll cough. Using a new device messes up with your pull volume.


Sometimes you feel you have taken a short pull, but the smoke you’ve inhaled from a bong is more than when you hit the joint straight. Your respiratory tract, not used to the huge volume of smoke you’ve inhaled, will rebel by inducing cough.


When using a device for the first time, take the hit with moderation. Take shorter puffs and deeper breaths. When you have mastered the device, you can smoke more confidently.

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Low quality of weed

Weed that contains mildew or dust is going to make you cough incessantly. When the buds are well dried and cured, they leave a soothing sensation on the throat— not the sore or ticklish feeling that makes you cough up uncontrollably.


Unfortunately, it takes weeks for weed to be properly dried and cured. The demand for weed doesn’t allow for proper drying and curing. When the weed is vacuum sealed for transportation before drying properly, it’s going to have mold.


Also, if the weed wasn’t flushed before harvesting, it could contain remnants of pesticides. Poorly cured weed and the chemicals used in the pesticides make the buds harsher to the lungs hence induce coughs.

How to avoid the cough after smoking weed

Though cannacough shouldn’t worry you, it’s not as dangerous as it seems. If you have no underlying respiratory disease, the worst it can do is make you look like the amateur of the session.


However, coughing kills your high. When you take a hit and begin coughing, you’re exhaling through the coughs. This prevents the THC from reaching the alveoli that should transport it to the bloodstream.


Controlling the coughs will enrich your high experience. Here are tips to avoid coughing after hitting a joint;

Use a percolator

A percolator is another chamber of water on the shaft of the bong. It provides an additional layer to cool the hit off and remove irritants from the smoke. Using a percolator gives you smooth hits that don’t induce coughs.

Smoke quality weed

You don’t want to awaken your allergies with low-quality weed. Any weed that has dust and mildew will result in harsher smoke. Don’t take any weed that has visible signs of mold.


Instead, choose the best quality, and grind it properly so that it burns evenly. Incessant coughing whenever you hit the joint could mean inferior quality cannabis. It could be full of mold, chlorophyll, and chemical from commercial fertilizers.


High-quality weed doesn’t contain any of the irritants. It is flushed before harvesting and is dried and cured the right way to give it a better taste and smoother experience.

Take deep breaths after taking a hit

Take deeper breaths after taking a hit to fill your lungs with fresh oxygen. Most stoners think that inhaling more oxygen after a hit reduces your high. It doesn’t. On the contrary, it reduces the effects of smoke on your lungs and relieves your body of respiratory irritants.

Get high on edibles

If you cough too much after smoking, your body is telling you it needs rest from the smoke. You can take a break from smoking by getting high on edibles. The break will not only reduce the irritation but also help in the recovery of the damaged mucous membrane on your lungs.

Drink water

Before you settle to smoke your weed, ensure you have enough water to last you through the session. Drink water before the session to moisten your throat— a dry throat is more susceptible to irritants.


Drinking water during the smoke session reduces the heat on your systems and helps remove irritants stuck on your throat. Drink water before, during, and after the session. It helps.

Pace your puffs

Be patient with your weed. Do not light all your joints; smoke them in small hits. Pacing the hits relieves your lungs from the burden of too much smoke. This helps ease the irritation on the throat and lungs, thereby reducing the coughs.

In conclusion

Smoking weed isn’t filling your lungs with smoke and coughing all the THC out. It is getting all the good stuff while keeping the irritating elements to the minimum. These tips will help you deal with cannacough. Remember, if after trying all this but you don’t get help, then you could be having an underlying health issue. Consult a doctor.