How Long Does a Marijuana High Last?

One of the worries that most stoners, especially beginners, have is whether they will be safe to walk home after stoning. You want to know how long does a marijuana high last so that you’re not caught off guard when the effects kick in. Maybe you want to head right into a lecture just an hour after stoning. 

Maybe, you planned an outing with a friend, and you don’t want the high to last for so long. Whatever your reason for typing “how long does a weed high last” in Google’s search bar, I hope you’re having your priorities right. It is essential to plan your day before you settle for a sesh.


Ordinarily, marijuana high from smoking lasts between 1-3 hours, while a high from edibles take between 4-8 hours to flatten.

However, a lot of factors influence how long a high lasts. Let’s explore these factors.

Factors that influence how long a marijuana high lasts

If you have never used weed before, it helps to know what will influence how long you stay high. It helps because when you know these factors, you can easily settle for your most comfortable high.


Perhaps, you want to stay high all night because you’re heading to a concert and want an experience of a lifetime. Knowing these factors will help you choose the right time to stone, the strain to choose, and the delivery method, among other things. Here are the factors that influence how long cannabis high lasts:

1. The potency of the weed

I figured we should start here because really, everybody knows that buds differ in potency. The potency of weed is influenced by its THC content— the higher the THC, the higher the potency. 


When you consume a potent weed, the high will take longer than someone who’s taken the same amount but of a lesser potent weed. There’s no rocket science— just a different level of potency for different length of high time.

2. The delivery method

The delivery method bears a significant influence on how long the high lasts. Inhalation is the most used form of delivery because the weed kicks in immediately. You inhale it into your lungs, and it gets into your bloodstream almost immediately. 


However, when you inhale weed, the effects kick in faster and wear off just as fast. When you smoke, the high will last for between 1-3 hours.

How long does edible high last?

Edibles are the best way to take in weed for non-smokers. With edibles, you don’t have to deal with the stigma associated with smoking, but it also helps you to evade the dangers of smoke. 


Ingesting edibles, however, isn’t the best place for a beginner because the edible high is more intense (because people take more before it kicks in) when all the doses kick in, it can be overwhelming.


Ingestion— eating edibles or drinking weed concentrate takes longer to kick in because the weed goes through the digestive system and is broken down forming THC-COOH which kicks in between 45-2 hours after consumption and the effects last for as long as 8 hours.


Since edibles take longer to kick in, most novice stoners mistake the gap between ingestion and highness as a product defect. Don’t do this, just a single piece of cannabis chocolate goes a long way. Taking more of it to feel instant high give you a bad experience when all the doses kick in hours later.

3. Your cannabis tolerance

For most beginners, the high lasts longer because their tolerance is low. On the other hand, seasoned cannabis smokers experience a shorter high because their level of tolerance is higher.


Once you begin to consume a lot of weed, your body adjusts to the dosage, and you might have to take more potent weed or higher doses to experience a longer-lasting high.

4. The amount you consume

Smoking a single blunt will make you high, but for a seasoned stoner, you will need more weed to feel the lasting effect. The more weed you consume, the longer the high will last. Therefore if you have other plans for your day, you better take less of the blunt.


When it comes to the amount you consume, you should know your limits. Be patient with yourself and smoke in small quantities until you’re sure you know how much you can take without having a bad trip. You will increase the amounts when your level of tolerance is higher.

5. The strain you use

The strain you choose will determine how long the high lasts. Some strains have a higher THC component than others and so will give a longer-lasting high. 


Also, different strains have different composition of terpenes (organic compounds that influence the taste, aroma, and enhance your high). Some strains are more psychoactive than others and will last longer.

6. Age

Weed high lasts longer in the teenage brain than in the adult brain. In a research done by neuroscientist, Dr. Francis Jensen established that the teenage brain has more places for cannabinoids to land than an adult brain.


Dr. Jensen attributes the ‘more places for cannabinoids to land’ notion to the plasticity of the teenage brain. The researcher opined that a teen might smoke pot on the weekend, but the afterglow will still be there longer— up to Thursday that week. Such a longer-lasting effect isn’t possible in the adult brain.


The teenage brain is also more susceptible to longer-lasting high because unlike the adult brain, it is not myelinated. Myelin is an insulation that protects the brain from chemicals. It begins developing after a person hits 20+ years of age. Without it, the effects of drugs last longer.

7. Your environment

The state of high comes with a sense of insecurity. If you’re stoning far from home in an unfamiliar space, you will feel more stoned than you really are.


There’s no better explanation for this, but from my experience, the need for sobriety to drive back home is what gives the apparent higher-than-normal feel.


Also, when you’re high, your senses are more punctuated, so if you’re in a new place, everything around you presents an opportunity for your mind to wander, giving you the intense high feeling.

8. Metabolism

If your rate of metabolism is low, the high will last longer because the weed is released into your bloodstream in small bits. Also, when you eat munchies, it takes the body longer to break them down hence won’t counter the highness instantly.

How to sober up from weed

Now that I think about it, you might be stuck somewhere trying to combat an intense high. This happens a lot, and by no means does it mean that you’re a novice stoner. Even the most experienced stoners get too high sometimes— especially when they try a new THC product. Here’s how to reduce the intensity of your high;

Eat something– Do not get high on an empty stomach. Try eating something, scratch that, eat something. You will have enough appetite to eat a whole pizza, so use it. 


Eating gives your body something to keep busy digesting so your system won’t just be ‘sitting there all stoned’. Simply put, eating weakens your high a little.


Take a cold bath- A cold shower will awaken your senses from the slumber of intense high. If you feel too high to do anything, step into the shower and let the cold water run on you for minutes. Your high will be weaker when you step out.


Sleep– Sleeping is more of surrendering to the high than fighting it. When you’re too stoned, your body will beg you for some nap, if you are home and can spare an hour or two, go ahead. Your head will be clearer when you wake up. Just make sure to set the alarm if you have a busy day ahead.



Drink water- I can’t emphasize this enough, always hydrate when you consume weed, it will make the high smooth and enrich your experience. Gulp a few glasses when you feel overwhelmed— that’s how you flush and contain the high.

In Conclusion

Weed is fun. You can enjoy your blunt every single day without the prospect of harm crossing your mind. Even when you think you have overdosed on weed, you shouldn’t panic. Don’t call your parents nor the police. Just take your time, chill and hydrate, the effects will be gone before you know it. 

Most importantly, always check your schedule before you get stoned, you don’t want to settle for sesh when you still have a lot to do.