7 Ways to Consume Weed Without Smoking It

How Do You Stay Productive While High?

Getting stoned is all fun until you realize you have so much to do, and no mood to work. It happens. Weed, for most people, is a chill drug— taken when you have the time to relax, meditate, and fill your free time.


However, when you become an everyday-stoner, you must find a way around your productivity. If everybody is a sinner, even stoners can be winners. You can’t let the good times turn you into a couch potato. In this article, you’ll learn how to stay high on the grind— and enjoy the work you’re doing more than you would if you did the work sober.

Weed is a wonderful herb. Getting high will be fun any time, but weed tastes way better when you have an accomplishment to celebrate, however small. Waking up high, and going to bed with regrets because you didn’t meet your daily goals is nauseating— it gets worse when it is a solo project where you don’t have to be accountable to anyone.


Still, weed and hustle go together. There’s no better feeling than smoking your weed in the evening when you’ve had a productive day. Here are tips to keep you productive when high;

Set Yourself up for Success

The way you approach your work will determine how well you keep at it. When you’re high, your attention can be easily drawn to the surrounding. You must, therefore, set your workspace for success.


Declutter your desk, remove all distractions— you can switch data off your phone to keep Facebook notifications at bay. While at it, have your work tools within reach. Leaving your desk every other minute to bring in a tool when you need it will eat into your productive hours.


Also, switch off the stereo, the TV, or any other device that might sway your attention from work. Just so you know, a stoned mind will seek pleasure before work, so you must cultivate a productive mindset before you begin the work.

Make a Long-Term Plan

Making a long-term plan helps you keep the efforts going even when you’re too stoned to do anything. A long-term plan not only keeps you glued to the task but also gives meaning to the little progress you make every day.


Waking up early once will not make you a productive stoner, but making a long-term plan injects consistency into your work. It breaks down the little things you have to accomplish daily to stick to the plan— that’s enough to keep you grinding.


If you find yourself lacking the motivation to work most days, maybe you need to fine-tune your long-term plan, it gives you the ‘why.’

Have Timelines and Respect Them

Time is an essential resource. Unfortunately, most stoners spend it too stoned to work. You want to be a productive stoner, don’t you?


Timelines make you accountable. You might think you’re the boss, but time rules all men, including stoners.  With deadlines, you will know what to do and when to do it. And while this must sound like an easy thing to do, it cultivates proper work ethics and builds your will power.


Completing the tasks within timelines will be difficult in the beginning, but more natural when you’ve added more muscles to your will power.

Choose Your Strains Wisely

This should have been the no.1# tip, but I’m too stoned to put things in any meticulous order. Cannabis strains aren’t equal; some will enhance your focus and boost your productivity while others will make you drowsy with sleep.

Mostly, when I want to get things done, I choose Sativa strains because they make you more upbeat and motivated to work. Indica strains are for chilling. Hybrids will work right, depending on the dominant genetics. I wrote a lengthy article on cannabis best stains for productivity. It will help you choose the right strains to light up when you have work to do.

Seriously, lighting up the wrong strain for a productive day is a surefire way to keep you stuck!

Make a To-Do List and a Not-Do List

How do you stay productive while high?

Making a to-do list is a great way to get things done because you always look forward to checking the tasks off. While checking off what you have done is a gratifying act, it also marks your steps towards the long-term goal. Begin your morning with a to-do list, and don’t stop until you’ve checked all the tasks off.


To-do lists are popular because of their effectiveness in getting things done. However, if you find yourself lagging even after making a to-do list, then you should make a not-to-list.


A not-to-do list helps you dredge the distractions from your schedule and leave more time for the important stuff. Create a not-do-list and add all your distractive activities to it. For instance, if you spend more time on social media, then you can include it on a not-to-do list. In the end, you will have more time to work.


Remember, the greatest enemy of a stoned mind is distraction, making a not-to-do list is the surefire way to strip distractions from your schedule; you should try it.


Working when you’re high can be pretty tough. If you can’t stop consuming weed completely when you’re busy, then micro-dosing is here for you.

Instead of smoking one full blunt, just take in a few puffs and keep working.

However, keep the intervals to the minimum— instead of catching a spliff every hour, stretch it to three hours, and when you can, reduce it to just three times during the productive hours and settle in for the full dose when the work is done.

Conquer Procrastination

Procrastination is easier and gives you leeway to more fun things than working. If you want to achieve anything at the end of the day, you need to stop lying to yourself that ‘I’ll do that later.’

‘Leaving things for later’ will make you hate yourself in the evening when you go to bed without accomplishing a single task. But it’s much worse than keeping you behind schedule; it also tricks your mind to love the easy stuff. In the end, it kills your motivation and will power, and there’s no rising above that!

I use the 5-seconds rule to combat procrastination. It works magic. Every time you feel bogged down to begin a task, just count 5 seconds and jump into it. Don’t stop until you’re done.

Use Productivity Tools

Working when high isn’t easy, one minute you’re crushing figures on your laptop, the other you’re stuck on YouTube watching Boondocks. Using productivity tools will help you retain focus and keep you working until the task is accomplished. Here are two productivity tools I use when stoned;

  1. StayFocused- StayFocused is a fantastic tool because it blocks all the distractions that keep you from working. The internet is full of distractions, and this tool allows you to block all of them, giving you laser focus on your work.
  1. Tomato Timer- Work is fun with breaks, but it gets harder when you can’t time yourself properly. This tool allows you to allocate work time and set power breaks within. You can set it to work 45-minutes straight then rest for ten. It is flexible, so you can custom it to durations that favor your work habits.

Use Weed as a Reward

We all work harder when there’s a prospect of gain. The mind works better when you peg rewards to the tasks. That’s why your pastor tells you to get saved so that you get to heaven, and your teacher tells you to work harder so you can have a good future.

These tricks do wonders on the mind. You can trick your brain into working harder during the day and rewarding yourself with weed when the work is done. Try it; it works!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sativa Make You Productive?

Strains that are dominantly Sativa keep your mind alert and enhance your attention span.

Sativa strains are your preferred strain when you want to get things done pretty fast.

Sativa enhances your creativity and gives you the morale and energy to keep grinding even when you have valid reasons to stay slumbering.

How Do I Overcome the Munchies?

The best way to avoid munchies during your work hours is to avoid smoking wholly before settling down to work.

However, if you can’t, you can microdose, which reduces the intensity of the munchies.

If you can’t work because the munchies are hitting hard, you can eat before you stone. When you’re full before smoking, the munchies will be bearable. That’s an excellent way to avoid it.

You can also choose to comply with munchies, by having light snacks, or just taking sweets to keep your mouth busy.

Does Milk Get Rid of Your High?

Perhaps you’re too stoned to work, and now you think a glass of milk might help. I wish you could gulp a glass of milk and all the high goes away, and you’re back at your desk. Sorry, milk won’t help you.


Milk doesn’t have a direct impact on THC. Studies have been done in this area, but no direct link has been established.

However, milk has compounds that help breakdown oils, including THC faster. Yet, no research has established if, by metabolizing THC faster, milk helps shorten the high.

In Conclusion

Staying high is fun, but work is a must. Stoners are great people; no stereotype can erase that.

Building a culture of weed and hustle is a cause every stoner should contribute to. These tips will help you keep high on the grind and still achieve more.