7 Best Bud Trimmers— A Review of Cannabis Trimming Machines, 2021

Can You Smoke Fresh Picked Bud? ( & Quick Drying Tips)

Smoking fresh picked buds might be tempting if you’ve got no ready weed to get high on. After all, most edible stuff are rich when fresh. You want to take your fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden. You want the kitchen to be immersed in the freshness of the meals cooked therein, but you […]

Does Curing Affect the Potency of Cannabis?

Does Weed Lose Potency When It Dries? (Answered)

Drying weed is an essential procedure. You’ve probably known how controlled the process of drying and curing is, and all for good reasons. These processes mature your buds like fine wine, improving their cannabinoid concentrations and aroma. As such, drying is a process you can’t skip, even if you risk losing potency. Drying just has […]

How to Dry and Cure Cannabis Properly; A Complete Guide

We’re an Affiliate Hey, thanks for being here. We hope you love the products we recommend to you. If you buy any item via the links we share, we will earn a small commission without additional cost to you. × Dismiss alert Congratulations, for you to search for information on how to dry and cure […]