6 Golden Rules of Smoking Weed with a Lady

We all love some company when stoning. The better the company, the better the sesh! You want to smoke your joint as heart-warming stories go around with the joint, and nothing but good vibes dominating the highs of the moment.


Ladies are perfect smoke session partners; they’re chilled, warm, and free-spirited. However, stoning with a lady demands some levels of discipline, lest a good session turn into a nightmare for both of you. Here are 6 rules for stoning with a lady;

1. Respect her

She’s come for the good kush and the liberating atmosphere. She has trusted you with her safety in sobriety, reciprocate that even when she’s high. The rule is, if you hadn’t talked about sex before the session, don’t bring it up when she’s high.


Weed affects people differently, and we all know it can arouse intense sexual desire in the other gender especially when the session has only the two of you behind closed doors. Be the bigger man!


Likewise, the good herb will not only arouse the sexual desire in her, but it might also hit you too. Know your boundaries. It can be tricky being behind closed doors with a hot queen with all the heat and stuff, but the feelings of intense desire might not be mutual. Don’t coerce her to make love to you. Don’t take advantage of her state to get your limbs moving towards her genitals. Stick to the smokes!


The rule is, if you have never spoken with her about sex, don’t bring it up. If you’re in doubt, ask her before she comes to the session!



Let her decide whether she’s coming for both the good kush and the steamy sex.

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2. Avoid aggressive arguments

Realize that most women have a sentimental attachment to issues. They get new information, they learn it, they relate with it— they own it! Aggressive arguments against things they own, love, or believe in can be the deal-breaker.


Choose the topics you chat about wisely, it won’t be hard if she’s a friend; you shall have known the things you share in common and the stories will just flow.


If you both love music, you might find yourselves dissecting a song, word by word, and sharing deep thoughts about the artist or the song. Conversation will just flow because you know each other too deep to lose your cool over silly convictions; or better yet, you know her limits and how to stay just within them.


However, if she’s someone you’re just getting to know, it might be hard sparking a conversation. Hold your convictions that might be controversial, or uncanny, or just plain disrespectful. You know, you’re not holding the session to prove the much you know, but to soak in the good vibes around you.


Besides, it’s a mistake having a woman you don’t know much over at your place behind closed doors. It’s a security threat to you too. Bring in other guys, or spliff with her at a public place with other stoners.


Sorry, I digressed. If a conversation is becoming too controversial to a point where you all have to shout to get your opinion across, stop it. Let her win, even if you think she’s wrong, she might not be!

3. Watch her

Some girls just smoke to belong. They aren’t stoners, so watch her. Don’t let her have too much. Though you can’t possibly overdose on weed, some might trip. Be the friend, and don’t judge her for her low cc.


Pro tip; if you’re going to share weed with a lady with whom you’ve never stoned before, avoid edibles. Unlike smoking that hits instantly, edibles take time, sometimes even two hours to hit. It therefore makes it harder for you to watch her high. Stick to smokes.

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4. Have snacks or food

Yo, who doesn’t understand how bad munchies can be? Man, some of these girls don’t even eat real food. You can’t smoke some high-grade grass on an empty stomach or on ’em fries. Some of them left home on Friday and haven’t eaten any solid meal the whole weekend. Cook or buy snacks, don’t give ‘em girls weed on an empty stomach. Don’t even try, you witch!

5. Is she safe?

This should’ve been the first point but I’m pretty high to put things in order. Before you ask her to come spliff with you at your place, ask her if she knows a place where she’s safer. If she has her own crib has no qualms with weed stank, let her host the session. Even if she gets too high, she’ll be safe. And be the brother, the only stranger in that house is you, so behave.

6. Mind the smell

We all love the irie feeling and all the good vibes that weed brings, but the stank gets nasty.


Besides, your girl wants to go home with no trace of weed on her clothes. She wants to get high yet retain the freshness of the sophisticated boss lady that she is. You can’t let weed stank take that away from her fam.


Get the stank out with Febreze air freshener! The best thing with the air freshener is that it infiltrates even the wall paints and other surfaces to get rid of the stank in minutes.


In conclusion, I’ll repeat this, don’t use weed as leverage to get you laid when that wasn’t the plan she had. That’s rape, and stoners are good people.

You don’t have to remove your clothes to have a good time. You can just light the spliff and listen to some good music.