What Happens If Your Cannabis Flowers Too Early?

How Long Does It Take A Plant To Recover From Topping?

Topping is the most common way to break the apical dominance of the plant and encourage horizontal growth. It helps the plant distribute the growth hormones to the sides, encouraging the growth to branch out, and improves exposure to light.    Though topping is an essential training method that nearly all growers use, it is […]

Can You Veg For 3 Months?

Can You Veg For 3 Months?

Vegging time plays an integral part in the weed-growing process. When you veg for a suitable duration, you will get the most out of your buds. And that’s what growers want— to get the most buds from their growing efforts.   Vegging time is also one of the few factors that the grower can manipulate […]

Does Rain Lower The Potency Of Cannabis?

Does Longer Veg Mean Longer Flower?

Growing cannabis comes with the burden of keeping everything right. The veg time affects the quality and quantity of your yield immensely. The longer the veg time, the bigger the plant grows. The bigger the plant, the more the bud sites, and thus more yield.   Growers who know how beneficial vegging for longer is […]

Does Vegging Longer Increase Yield?

Why Aren’t My Buds Getting Bigger?

If you’re like most growers, you’ll want to get the best out of your plants. It takes a lot of effort, dedication, and real good financial investment to grow weed. And you want the resulting buds to be worth their weight in gold.    Airy and loose marijuana buds are good for nobody. Bigger buds […]

Does Rain Lower The Potency Of Cannabis?

Why Are My Trichomes Not Turning Amber?

Most growers depend on trichomes’ color changes to inform them when they should be harvesting. And when trichomes don’t turn amber, it can leave an unsettling feeling that something has gone wrong.   Well, depending on trichomes to know when to harvest is wrong— widely practiced because it’s convenient— but still wrong.   The best […]

How To Dry Buds After Water Curing

Does Water Curing Get Rid Of Mold?

Mold is the ultimate nightmare of a cannabis grower. You might have done everything right, but when mold catches up with your fat, potent buds, you’re counting losses!   Growers keep mold at bay by monitoring humidity, but when the buds get infected, little can be done to save them. Most growers will throw away […]

When Does Cannabis Start Producing THC?

When Does Cannabis Start Producing THC?

Cannabis growers go bonkers over THC production hitches. It seems THC is the only thing that matters to those who grow for recreational use. And THC being the only mind-bending cannabinoid, it makes sense why it’s such a sought-after cannabis component.   Knowing when the THC begins to form can help you if you want […]

7 Best Bud Trimmers— A Review of Cannabis Trimming Machines, 2020

How Do You Harvest Buds Without Killing The Plant? (Pros, Cons, & Tips)

Harvesting buds without killing the plant is a clever way to extend the plant’s life so that you get the maximum yield from it.    Cannabis is an annual plant, which means it should live from seed to fruit and then senesce in one year. That’s its natural lifecycle—seedling, vegging, flowering, harvest, and, lastly, senescence. It […]

Should I Mist My Buds?

Should I Mist My Buds? (Pros & Cons)

Misting buds is one of the most contentious issues in cannabis growing circles. While others swear by its effectiveness, others warn of the risks it poses to your buds.   Misting during the vegging stage carries a few risks because the plant just has the leaves, and water doesn’t hold on to leaves for longer. […]

Does Rain Lower The Potency Of Cannabis?

How Rain Reduces the Potency of Cannabis & Ways To Protect the Buds

Rain is one of the weather hazards that keep outdoor cannabis growers up at night.    When it pours down heavily, you wonder if the rain will wash away all the juicy resin glands and reduce the potency of your buds.   In this article, we’ll explore the effects of rain on cannabis buds and […]

How Far Away Can A Male Plant Pollinate A Female?

How Far Away Can A Male Plant Pollinate A Female? (Sinsemilla Guaranteed)

The horror of losing your female plants to pollination can be nauseating. If you don’t keep a close eye to restrain the horny pollens from copulating with your females, forget about sinsemilla.   A good grow should give you sinsemilla— seedless buds— these are more rewarding because the whole cola is useful. The trim is […]

How To Dry Buds After Water Curing

How To Dry Buds After Water Curing

Water curing is the cutest way to kill the weed stank and award you the most stealth weed on the face of the planet. Water-cured cannabis is also the smoothest because the process removes more solids than air curing does.   And, oh, it’s way faster than the traditional air curing in mason jars with […]

How To Dry Buds Without Hanging

How To Dry Buds Without Hanging

Drying cannabis without hanging can be pretty life-saving if you don’t have a spacious cabinet to spread them out. Plus, when you have only a few buds to dry, then drying without hanging makes sense.   It’s easier to monitor conditions in a small enclosure than in a whole room.    Drying is a quality-assuring […]

Should I Remove Fan Leaves During Flowering?

What Causes Cannabis Roots Growing On Top Of Soil & How To Fix It

Cannabis roots growing towards the top of soil is an indication that something isn’t right. A healthy root ball is vital for your plants through their growth and development.   The roots draw nutrients from the grow medium to other parts of the plant. Thus, tending to the roots rewards the overall plant’s health.   […]

Do Buds Need Direct Light?

When Do Cannabis Buds Stop Growing?

Every grower wants to give their buds enough time to swell and mature before they harvest them. It helps to know when the buds stop growing so that you don’t bring the cut too soon.   The buds begin forming after the stretch. Stretch refers to the first week or two of flowering when the […]

Can You Transplant Cannabis During Flowering?

Can You Transplant Cannabis During Flowering? (Risks & Tips)

Transplanting during flowering is fraught with risks. The plant is at a vulnerable state as it has shifted its energy from vegetative growth to bud formation.    Repotting is a necessary procedure when your cannabis plants outgrow their pots, but you have a lot to lose during flowering.    However, leaving your plants to continue […]

How Long Does It Take to Grow Marijuana?

What Happens If Your Cannabis Flowers Too Early?

Flowering early is never a good idea if you want high yields per plant. When flowered early, marijuana plants will stop growing more branches that could have added more bud sites to your plant.    In the end, your plant will produce less than it should, had it grown a little bigger to accommodate more […]

Is It Bad To Take Clones From Clones?

Is It Bad To Take Clones From Clones? (Real Growers’ Answers)

Cloning is a clever way to retain the quality of your weed. It guarantees that the clone follows the genetic make-up of the mother plant.    And with that comes the assurance that the plant’s defenses against harsh climates, its potency, and chemical compositions remain the same.   Cloning saves growers the trouble of repeatedly […]

Everything You Need To Know About Curing Cannabis In Ziploc Bags

Everything You Need To Know About Curing Cannabis In Ziploc Bags

Curing cannabis in Ziploc bags isn’t something you hear about often but still is talked about.    For most budget growers, anything that costs money is substituted by another that doesn’t. Thus, those who find airtight mason curing jars expensive are inclined to try curing cannabis without the curing jars.    Most people who cure weed have a good […]