SOG Vs. SCROG: Which Technique Is The Best For High Yield?

SOG Vs. SCROG: Which Technique Is The Best For High Yield?

Growing cannabis isn’t just about waiting for the buds to take form and mature. Good growers adopt practices to help them get the most yield out of their growing cycles.   While some growers prefer to grow many plants and harvest faster, others would rather have fewer plants that grow bigger and take longer to […]

Does Curing Affect the Potency of Cannabis?

Does Weed Lose Potency When It Dries? (Answered)

Drying weed is an essential procedure. You’ve probably known how controlled the process of drying and curing is, and all for good reasons. These processes mature your buds like fine wine, improving their cannabinoid concentrations and aroma. As such, drying is a process you can’t skip, even if you risk losing potency. Drying just has […]

How Do You Fix Nutrient Burn In Coco?

What Your Cannabis Plant Is Telling You When the Leaves Deform and the Buds Turn Brown and Crispy

Cannabis expresses its stresses mainly through the leaves and buds. So when you notice the leaves and buds become anything but ordinary, you want to look into the problem fast.    Sometimes the leaves deform and change color, even wilt as a natural process, but other times, the leaf discoloration and deformities reveal a deep-seated […]

Can You Overfeed CalMag? (Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions)

Feeding your cannabis plants is core to the art of growing. Like any other plant and other life-forms, your cannabis plants need nourishment to thrive.    The cannabis plant is highly dependent on the essential macronutrients (potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen), but they also need secondary macronutrients like calcium and magnesium to grow and yield healthy […]

Can You Give A Plant Too Much Silica?

Can You Give A Plant Too Much Silica? (Everything About Silica)

Cannabis nutrients are everything in growing. The plant needs them to flourish and yield. The plant’s entire survival relies on your ability to avail the proper nutrients when the plant needs them.   It begins with getting the suitable substrate, and when most novice growers get this right, together with main macronutrients (N-P-K), their plants […]

How Boiling Cannabis Roots In Water During Harvesting Improves The Buds’ Quality

How Boiling Cannabis Roots In Water During Harvesting Improves The Buds’ Quality

Boiling cannabis roots in water might seem a far-fetched, fictitious practice with zero grounding in science, but some growers swear by its effectiveness at potentiating your buds.   If you’re reading, then most probably you’re ready to try it if it holds the promise of the dank, cannabinoid-rich sticky icky!   (This article contains affiliate […]

What Happens If You Wait Too Long To Harvest Your Cannabis? (Wrong Timing)

What Happens If You Wait Too Long To Harvest Your Cannabis? (Wrong Timing)

Growing cannabis comes with strict timelines. And no time is more critical than harvesting time. It can either break or make your growing experience.   If you harvest at the right time, you reap the benefits of your hard labor and get more value for the resources you put into the growing project.   On […]

Are Hermie Plants Worth Keeping?

Are Hermie Plants Worth Keeping? (Risks & Tips)

Growers don’t like hermie plants. They spoil the fun of growing and reduce the yield. Unlike female plants that produce cannabinoid-rich buds, hermaphrodites produce seed-filled buds if you let them progress to harvesting.    Seed-filled buds aren’t all that good. And though some growers even believe that seeded buds do not lack in potency, you […]

Does A Light Mover Increase Yield? (Answered)

Does A Light Mover Increase Yield? (Answered)

Growing indoors is about mimicking the outdoor growing environment and making improvements where possible. Cannabis plants grown outside enjoy the sun in all its essence.   The sun is never stuck in one place, so the sun’s apparent movement allows the plant to get light from all sides.    When the plant is wholly exposed […]

Does CO2 Speed Up Flowering?

Can You Use Dry Ice To Feed Plants?

Plants need certain essential elements to produce their food, flourish, and yield. Cannabis plants are no exception. One such important element that cannabis needs to thrive and yield properly is carbon dioxide (CO2).   When you’re growing indoors, you can run short of this supply, forcing growers to device means to add CO2 to their […]

How To Kill Aphids On Marijuana

How To Get Rid Of Thrips On Flowering Cannabis

Thrips are predatory insects that feed on both plants and other insects. These sap-sacking insects can drill openings on the leaves, flowers, and buds of your cannabis plants, drawing the juices from them and leaving them dehydrated.   Thrips can be stubborn. Most growers opine that once thrips invade your cannabis, it can be challenging […]

Can You Use Regular Dirt To Plant Weed Indoors?

Can You Use Regular Dirt To Plant Weed Indoors? (Answered)

Growing cannabis is fun, and most novice growers try to start as cheap as possible. One of the costly marijuana-growing supplies is the potting soil. And when it’s out of reach, people think of crazy ideas. Using regular dirt for growing cannabis is one of such crazy ideas.    *This post contains affiliate links. If […]

How To Treat Nutrient Burn During Flowering

How To Treat Nutrient Burn During Flowering(Plus Tips and Risks)

Nutrient burn is one of the common problems that cannabis growers grapple with. The plants need as many nutrients as they should get, but sometimes, we go a little overboard, giving them more than they can take.   Cannabis plants thrive on three significant macronutrients— nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. But still need a lot of […]

Can I Use Neem Oil During Flowering?

Can I Use Neem Oil During Flowering?

Nobody has to guess what neem oil is good for. It’s known for wide medicinal applications, and if you don’t know yet, it is also popular among weed growers.     Neem has been used for centuries for pest control in organic growing. Native to the Indian subcontinent, neem has many compounds in it, with the […]

Can You Use Bone Meal During Flowering?

Can You Use Bone Meal During Flowering? (Answered)

Cannabis growers want the best for their plants, and using bone meal is one of the proved and tested means for improving the capacity for the plant to yield healthier buds.    Bone meal is made from ground bones of commonly slaughtered animals, but mostly from beef. The bones are steamed to potentiate their properties […]

Can You Use Too Much Bat Guano?

Can You Use Too Much Bat Guano? It Can Burn!

Bat guano is a popular fertilizer within cannabis growing circles. Bat feces is rich in essential minerals that the plants need to flourish and yield. Since it is a naturally occurring fertilizer with no preservatives, bat guano is safe in the right proportions.    Being a natural fertilizer with many endorsements, most growers might not […]

Best Led Grow Lights for Cannabis Under $300

Does Reflective Material Help Plants Grow? It matters!

If you have been observant, you have noticed the insides of most grow tents are laced with a reflective material. Almost all grow tents have a reflective surface. And this happens for a reason.    Lighting is an important consideration when you’re growing cannabis. The plants should be well-exposed, absorbing all the light they need […]

Can You Use Molasses During Flush?

Can You Use Molasses During Flush?

Molasses use during flush is shrouded in mystery and misinformation. Most growers agree that flushing is to help the plant to utilize the nutrients in its reserves as opposed to absorbing them from the roots. It is done in a bid to remove extra nutes so that the buds become cleaner and smoother. But using […]

How Deep Do Cannabis Roots Grow?

How Deep Do Cannabis Roots Grow? (Answered)

When choosing the grow pot to use, you might want to know how far the roots can grow so that you use a pot with sufficient depth.    Cannabis plants grow pretty fast, and some strains that grow big also reciprocate in the growth of roots. Their roots grow deeper into the medium and might […]

Are You Flowering Cannabis For Too Long?

Are You Flowering Cannabis For Too Long? (Harvesting at Peak Potency)

Growing cannabis is a timing game. From seedling to harvest, you must do everything within a suitable timeframe. Flowering cannabis is one such essential process, but sometimes you flower either for too long or too short a time.   These extremes have undesired consequences. Harvesting earlier than you should gives you unmatured buds, while flowering […]