7 Best Marijuana Grow Books for Beginners in 2020

7 Best Cannabis Grow Books for Beginners in 2020

Growing weed can be tough for a beginner, even with so many free guides and blogs teaching about it. Whether you want to grow weed in a small, experimental scale or delve into it professionally as your hustle, you need an in-depth guide that will take you from seed to buds without hassles. Books are great resources, but if you doubt you need a cannabis grow book, here’s why.

Books are great resources, not to say that blogs aren’t, but books pass through a lot of hands and stages that ensure the information is factual.

Books Tackle The Subject Exhaustively

An author can write one book for years, just going back and forth, adding what’s missing and taking out what’s redundant. The end product isn’t only a flawless read but fact-checked, in-depth  information that empowers you, the reader.

Books Are More Credible 

Most blogs are filled by people trying to sell you something (ah, nothing’s wrong with selling though). It, therefore, makes it hard to trust their recommendations.

Books, on the other hand, are written by experts who’ve been growing cannabis for decades. These growers are driven by the desire to share the growing knowledge they’ve garnered over the years.

You will, therefore, find books on growing weed wealthy with practical ideas, solutions to weed growing problems, and tips for successful growing—even if it’s your first attempt.

Books Serve You for Long

Also, books are meant to last. A blog owner might decide to venture into a different hustle and let the blog die, but once you buy a book, it’s yours. Even if it’s 20 years old, you can still go back to the sections you highlighted and grab the information you need quickly.

Besides, revisions can be done in later editions to include the latest information that missed in the first publication of the book.

However you look at it; books are more credible sources of information than blogs. Dick can write a blog, and so is Tom, but only experienced growers wealthy in weed growing information—and have the intention of sharing it write books.

Now that you know why you need the books more, here are the best weed growing books for beginners:

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There are so many books out there, but none of them can be as helpful as this book to a beginner. This book was written in the ’80s but still stands out as the most practical book on weed growing.


Don’t let its age scare you, the book has been updated several times since the first publication and contains up-to-date, easy-to-follow instructions.


Any beginner will relish at the ease with which Jorge expresses his ideas and organizes his thoughts. The book reads like you’re listening to the author giving you personalized grow information.


Besides, the book is rich in visual aid; it has over 1100 color images to help you understand every subject he delves in. There’s also a section on the medical application of cannabis, which makes this book a 360°-complete guide to growing cannabis.


If the ease of reading and the credibility that reverberates within the pages don’t interest you, you’ll love how broad it is.


The book covers everything from germination, fertilization, how to train your plant, cloning, soil mechanics, pest and disease control, and how to keep climatic controls in your grow room within range.


Jorge makes this book the gem it is by delving deeply both in outdoor and indoor growing.


The vastness of its application makes it a valuable resource in your bookshelf. It’s the most hands-on book on weed growing that lifts you from a wannabe grower to an experienced cannabis plant caretaker. That’s why it takes it topped this list!

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This book is what you need when you want to grow your weed organically. The Rev is very passionate about organic growing, and this book covers all the topics of making your own organic garden indoors.


It’s written in an easy-to-understand tone and gives practical information that every beginner will find easy to implement.


The book has over 200 images to help illustrate the core bits. But what you’ll love most about this book is how it establishes a link between microbes in the soil and how they affect your yield.


Though soil science is a complicated matter, The Rev lays it down in a fun-to-read and easy to follow manner. After reading this book, you will learn how to make the perfect organic grow soil for high-quality buds and bountiful yield.


Nobody loves to smoke weed reeking of chemicals. Through the book, The Rev shares all the details you must follow to be a true organic cannabis grower.


Living soil is its gospel, and it sure delivers on how to get an all-natural grow medium both indoors and outdoors.


The book will not only help you create an organic garden for your grow. It is also rich in practical tips to turn an already existing garden into an organic garden.


If that doesn’t catch your attention, maybe you’d be pleased to know that the book also has a section on how to make your own organic fertilizers at home.


If you love growing weed, you should try the TLO grow method; the benefits will be abundant.


Though it contains more information about creating the best soil for weed, it also shares foundational weed growing ideas and instructions.


If you’re passionate about organic growing, this should be your go-to marijuana growers handbook. Don’t take my word for it; read its reviews.

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Greg Green delves into the basics and advanced practices of growing weed in this book. The book is laid in plain and simple English— no unnecessary jargon as common with other cannabis growing gurus.

The book was first published in 2003, but the 3rd edition came out in 2017 with an extra 200 pages filled with all the practical information to grow your weed.

The third edition boasts of over 600 pages of valuable information. The author has used high-quality images as necessary throughout the book to illustrate and make it easier for novice growers to grab concepts.

Sensi Seeds credits this book as the first one to explain the Screen of Green (SCROG) method of growing weed. The SCROG  technique involves pruning weed plants to have even canopy and enhance light penetration for maximum yield.

The Cannabis Grow Bible is arguably the best cannabis grow book for beginners because it simplifies the intricate details of weed growing.

It’s also low on jargon, making it easier to grasp. From germination to curing, this book makes every novice an empowered grower.

Still, an experienced grower will find this book insightful, especially on the intricate details of everyday plant care.

The beauty of this book is that it caters for every grower. It has recommendations of equipment to use for every budget range.

It even has DIY procedures to help you cut costs. This book will be an excellent addition to your cannabis growing library.

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This book, unlike most other grow bibles, gives you a step-by-step procedure of growing weed.


Ryan has written this book in chronological order, making growing weed as serious as a laboratory experiment, yet written in a stoner-friendly tone.


The Growing Elite Marijuana: The Complete Guide breaks down all the procedures into bite-size portions making the grow process progressive and impactful.


The new edition that came out in 2018 is updated with all the industry trends, tips, and precautions. It will tell you the exact thing you need to do to get the dankest weed on the planet. After reading it, you’ll know how to grow your weed from seed to buds.


You will love how deep this grow bible delves into the subject. You will learn the best strains to grow as a beginner, how to set up the grow room, how to create the perfect grow medium, the ins and outs of lighting, and how to keep the grow room at optimum conditions for better yield.


The bible is heavy, containing over 800 pages of high-value information. The author thought about your experience reading this book too, and filled it with HD images for illustrations.


If you love visual aids, you will find graphs, charts, and tables to make the book understandable to newbie growers.


The best thing with this book is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you buy it and feel robbed, you can have your money back!


Oh, and it comes with a lot of free gifts; 6 equally useful bonus E-books, 2 audio guides, among other good stuff. Though you can buy a hardcopy from Amazon, the bible is in a downloadable format that gives you instant access.

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This book is written by one of the most authoritative voices in the cannabis industry. Ed Rosenthal has over 30 years’ experience in growing weed— that’s a voice you can trust.

Though not as voluminous as some of the grow books here, the 510-paged book delves deeply into the art of weed growing. This book is exhaustive; it will guide you on what to do, when to do it in your grow cycle, and how to do it.

It also features a question/answer section that lists problems with their solutions making it a solution-oriented guide. The Q&A section alone is enough to get you up and running.

This book is so practical that it became the University of Oaksterdam official course handbook. If the University trusts its contents, so should you.

The book is written in the relaxed but authoritative voice of Ed. The format is fair to your eyes and lays everything in an easy-to-read layout. If you love Ed for his involvement in marijuana legalization activism, you will love his straight-to-the-point delivery in this book.

The book is concise, but the knowledge pressed between the pages is enough to make you one of the best growers you’ll ever meet. Those who’ve read the book understand why Ed Rosenthal was nicknamed the Guru of Ganja.

Yeah, if you honestly love growing weed, you will have space in your bookshelf for the Guru of Ganja!

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This book is proof that Jorge Cervantes isn’t known in the cannabis growing circles for nothing— he’s very knowledgeable, and everything he pens solve tons of problems.


Growers love this book because it’s easy to read and implement. The gardening techniques shared in this book will make your growing experience a breeze.


It gets better when the book covers everything from seed germination, clones, how to tend to your plant at the vegetative stage, harvesting, and curing.


In this book, Jorge goes deeper than growing. It has in-depth chapters on medical cannabis history, cannabinoid measurement, medical cannabis varieties that make it a foundational resource for growers, caregivers, and patients.


If you thought it ends there, you’re wrong. This book goes right into your kitchen cabinet as it has a chapter on cooking with medical cannabis— how to potentiate the medicinal concentrates and use them in cooking.


The book is written in Jorge’s flawless, easy-to-read style and features over 2000 images that further make it reader-friendly. He delves deep in his explanations of every stage of growth, leaving you with a clear path to follow in your marijuana growing journey.

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The Sinsemilla Technique is one of the most revered books among cannabis experts. The book came at a time when separating female plants from male plants to avoid pollination wasn’t known. It delves into growing techniques that limit space while increasing the yield.


Also, the book is popular because it features the stories of real growers, how they do it, the problems they face, and how they keep their grow from the law.


The early ‘90s were particularly interesting times for growers as the law was tight, and growers had to learn better ways of growing indoors. This book came as the most valuable resource then. It still is today, but history knows it was more useful then when no other author could merge the intricate details of growing and the legality of cannabis growing.


Though published in 1992, the book contains helpful visual aids like images, charts, and diagrams that make it a page-turning gem.


The Sinsemilla Technique might not be the best marijuana growing book today, especially for advanced growers. But it inspired the authors who’ve given us the great resources we use today. Still, a newbie will find this book helpful.

In conclusion

The proof of being a great grower isn’t only in the buds you produce, but also in the resources you have. Books give you a reference point when you’re unsure about specific growing tactics. There are other cannabis grow books, but these will take you from a novice to an expert grower.