10 Best Cannabis Strains for Creativity

10 Best Cannabis Strains for Creativity

Weed is a blissful plant. Sometimes, you puff some good weed, and your imaginations go beyond the horizon. You’re suddenly paying close attention to small details that your sober eyes ignore. The colors become of depth, and you see the beauty of everything in your surroundings.

Cannabis has been artists’ best friend for the longest time. Poets, writers, actors, architects, and painters, among other creators, swear by its creative boost. However, cannabis strains aren’t made equal; some do better than others at sparking your creative energy. Here are the best cannabis strains for creativity;

If you want to sit at your desk and write stories, or pick a brush and paint something, Kali Mist should be in your head. I mean it, not many strains swathe your mind with artistic juices like Kali Mist.


Dominantly Sativa, it keeps your mind alert and enhances your attention span. It can be your preferred strain when you want to get things done around the office and in your studio.


It sparks your mind with vivid imaginations; the colors are more pronounced for the canvas of your creative mind. But it does more; Kali Mist gives you the morale and energy to implement your colorful imaginations.


Kali Mist is so good at improving focus that it is used in meditations to help Yogis gain the laser-focus and stillness of mind that meditations call for.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer strain was named after America’s renowned cannabis activist and author, Jack Herer, who is also known as the ‘Emperor of Hemp.’ Jack Herer was first cultivated by Sensi Seeds as a tribute to the fallen cannabis activist.


Jack Herer is known for its sweet aroma; when you pop open your jar, it engulfs your nose with a pine scent that’s just therapeutic. Its effects are lasting, giving calming your mind without slowing your body.


You can use this strain for your baking. You’ll get the best edibles for creativity. Just have enough to spark your creative mind, edibles kick tend to delay, and you don’t want an intense high to overwhelm you when it kicks in.


Jack Herer improves your focus and expands your creative mind to keep you making the awesome stuff. If you have some creative project you’re stuck figuring out, maybe, a few puffs of Jack Herer will clear the fog.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison traces its origin back to South Africa. The Sativa heavy strain got to American soil in the 1970s and has received nothing but love since then. The strain doesn’t only boost your creativity but also improves your focus and gives your mind fluidity of thoughts.


It’s known for its sweet, anise-like aroma, but it’s also known for uplifting effects and energetic high. Durban Poison will get you high without the drowsy, lazy effect.

Amnesia Haze

This strain is so good that it has won the Cannabis Cup twice. Amnesia Haze is made of a unique blend of Sativa and Indica in the ratios 80:20. The high Sativa component makes it a good joint to smoke when you want to get any creative work done.


Tangie was named after Tangerines for its sweet citrus scent. The strain is Sativa heavy and will evoke the creative thoughts, but it will also stir your moods and give you the smiley face as you work through your project.


Tangie was first cultivated in Amsterdam but has since become one of the most-loved strains worldwide. If you want the light-headed high that keeps you grinding for long hours without exhaustion, Tangie is here for you.


Though its name sounds lethal, this multi-Cannabis Cup Winner is loved for its mild, clear-headed high that gets you to think and reflect. Made from a blend of Sativa and Indica in the ratios 65:35, this strain gives you a balanced high, of blissful imaginations and alert mind. If you want a peaceful afternoon to crush your work, this strain will pump you up for the task and give you a longer-lasting motivating high that will last you through the task. Smoke some AK-47 and feel it for yourself, it’s good.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most mentioned Sativa-dominant strains in cannabis and creativity forums. The Blue Dream strain will help you conjure up ideas, especially when you first take the spliff.


Later, the head high feeling spontaneously changes into a chilled and calm high that is great for implementing your ideas.


Named LSD for its intense trippy high, LSD stimulates your brain for out-of-this-world imaginations. It stretches your mind and leads you to calm, laser-focused concentration.  


The strain is great when you want to do your first draft of your book. It’ll throw your head in different corners and surprise you with the depth of color in your imaginations. LSD gives you vivid pictures, helping you to splash your wildest fantasies on canvas.

Purple Haze

This strain is known to enhance visual clarity and thus, is helpful when you’re at the initial stages of putting your artistic work to paper.


The Purple Haze doesn’t only improve your senses to feel the art you’re creating, but it also kills the negative shroud in your mind about work and fills you with immense happiness as you work. If you’ve been postponing your project because you lack clarity, smoking Purple Haze can give you the leverage you need to crush it.

Sour Diesel

Sour diesel is made from a blend of Sativa and Indica in the ratios 90:10. The high Sativa is responsible for stretching your imaginations beyond your creative borders. The low Indica ratio will keep you relaxed to look through your artistic projects.


Sour Diesel has a fast-acting high that awakens your creative juices. The best thing is that, though you will feel calm enough to work, it won’t give you a drowsy feeling that’s common with most strains.

In Conclusion

Not everyone who smokes weed wants to chill; others want the drive to keep working on their creative projects. These strains have a long history of close companionship with artists. If you want to enjoy the clear-headed high that leaves you with energy and clarity to engage in artistic work, these marijuana strains will work for you.

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