How To Dry Buds After Water Curing

How To Dry Buds After Water Curing

Water curing is the cutest way to kill the weed stank and award you the most stealth weed on the face of the planet. Water-cured cannabis is also the smoothest because the process removes more solids than air curing does.


And, oh, it’s way faster than the traditional air curing in mason jars with which we’re familiar. While you need to cure for months to enjoy a clean, potent bud, water curing readies your buds in 7 days. 


The allure of smoother buds and better cannabinoid concentrations has got many growers water-curing their buds. But drying water-cured buds is where most growers find trouble. When you’re done reading this article, you’ll know more than one way to dry buds after water curing. 


How To Dry Buds After Water Curing

You can dry your cannabis by spreading them open on a serviette and letting them air dry off. Dry at room temperature with a fan blowing a gentle breeze. Turn the buds after every 8 hours to eliminate wet spots. 


Spreading the buds on a serviette and letting them dry at room temperature is the best way to dry water-cured buds. It is easy and dries the buds in a few days.


But growers have used other methods with success. These include;


Hang-drying like you would fresh buds— You can hang-dry your buds and let them air out. This will take about 3-4 days to dry completely into smokable buds.


The buds will be harder to hang because the stems are shorter. This is probably why most growers opt for spreading the buds on a serviette and letting them air-dry. 


You can blow a fan to enhance moisture loss and airflow during the drying process. 


Using food dehydrator— Most growers use a food dehydrator to dry buds after water curing. It is fast, allowing you to smoke your buds in a matter of hours.


Use drying racks— You can also spread your water-cured buds on a drying rack and let them dry out. 


Laying them on a rack is much easier than hang-drying them because you don’t need to hook them on any line.


Drying racks are also great for airflow, making your buds less susceptible to mold. 


Water cured buds shrink in size than air-cured buds because the buds lose a lot of stuff. Rack drying can help you avoid further disintegration of the buds because you can place them far apart.


Thus, you can save what’s left of the buds’ sizes. 

Drying racks dry your water-cured buds faster because of improved airflow. They also leave no room for mold.


The Step-By-Step Water Curing Of Buds

Water curing is pretty straightforward.


It’s hard to understand, but it works in a simple way. The buds are submerged in water, and through osmosis, the water-soluble substances are drawn from the buds into the water.


All the impurities in the buds— chlorophyll, pesticides, and other compounds dissolve in the water. The final product is weed that’s clean, smoother, and more potent. 


Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to water curing weed; 


  1. Prepare your buds— trim your buds to how you’ll love to see them finished. You shouldn’t trim again after water curing, so get it nicely done.
  2. Place the trimmed buds in a mason jar and pour distilled water into the jar until the buds are submerged. 

Ensure the buds no part of the buds is left floating atop the water. The floating buds are prone to mold.


3.Change the water daily for between 3-7 days. 


4. Stop when the water becomes clear. The water will appear like tea of sorts on the first day but smell like freshly cut lawn. 


As you continue to cure, the plants will have few impurities to lose; thus, the water will become clearer. Clear water means clean buds. 


5. Dry your buds— You can use any of the frying methods above to dry your water-cured buds.


The longer the buds take to dry is entirely dependent on your drying method. 


Note: Water curing isn’t good for you if you’re interested in nurturing the distinct weed aroma and flavor. Terpenes are lost during water curing, leaving your buds smelling nothing like weed. But this can be helpful when you want stealth. 


In summary, the best way to dry buds after water curing is to spread them on a serviette and let them air-dry. It is easier and doesn’t require hooking the already trimmed buds on lines to dry. It thus limits handling the buds after curing. 


Hang-drying also works fine, but after 3 to 4 days, you will be ready to enjoy your smooth, potent buds.