Why Do My Buds Have No Smell?

Why Do My Buds Have No Smell?

The weed smell is a strong indicator of your weed’s quality. You want to retain your strain’s unique aroma because that’s what gives it the perceived potency and identity. While some people want to limit the buds’ smell as possible, when your weed has a unique scent, it indicates that the growth conditions were perfect. It means, not only were the terpenes produced in abundance, the conditions were excellent for cannabinoid production too.


Why Do My Buds Have No Smell?The fragrance appeases your olfactory cells, and you feel its therapeutic effects. I tend to think of the smell as the accompanying ingredient that makes your weed experience more fulfilling. Fragrant oils, candles, and herbs have been used in various meditation and relaxation; I wouldn’t be surprised if the smell induces the same feelings.


Forget the stank that stinks in your house after smoking. Nobody wants that. I’m talking about the fruity, earthy, or skunky aroma that hits your nose when you open the jar after curing. The welcoming gesture that prepares your senses for the bombs you’re about to hit. Stoners love that, and I’d be least pleased if my buds lost the smell.


If you’re interested in enhancing the smell of your buds, we wrote a lengthy guide on how to make your buds smell stronger. It should help you sharpen the terpene profile of your weed.

Why Do My Buds Have No Smell?

When buds have no smell, it means they lack terpenes to embolden their aroma. Low terpenes might result from early harvesting, shorter drying and curing process, the plant’s gene, or using scent neutralizers like ONA.

As a beginner grower, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you did something wrong. And it’s potentially true, but the smell gives you the assurance that you did well. It gives you so much faith in your buds and the motivation to continue with the rest of the curing process.


Why Do My Buds Have No Smell?
The weed aroma enriches your smoking experience.

If your buds have no smell, a few things are suspect. The temperatures during drying, the humidity in the jar, the length of drying and curing, and the harvest time might be the hitches in your project. Let’s explore why your buds might not have a smell;

1. Early Harvesting

Terpenes are responsible for your weed’s smell, and the plant continues to produce them as it ages. If you harvest too early, you will miss on the bulk of the terpenes, making your buds less fragrant.

2. High Temperatures When Drying

High temperatures burn off the terpenes, making your buds less fragrant. The bud will still have a noticeable smell for strains with bold terpene profiles like Sour Diesel or AK-47. For mildly-scented strains like Polar Express, the buds will retain no scent. Keep the drying temperatures between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower end is better for the terpenes, but you don’t want to be vulnerable to mold. Above 75°F, you’re destroying the rich, unique aroma of the strain.


Also, rushing through the drying process will adversely affect the smell of your buds. Slow-dry your weed to conserve most of the terpenes. 

3. If You Used Odor Killers

Growing weed is fun until your nosey neighbors know about it. Most growers in high-risk states use odor killers to neutralize the smell of weed during the growing process. Potent scent neutralizers like ONA gel or Ozone Generators can alter the scent of your buds.



These scent neutralizers are made to replace any intense aroma with a clean, fresher scent. And if the buds are exposed to them throughout the growing process, they may not only have a faint smell, but it might not smell like weed. Most probably, it’ll have an unrecognizable blend of its aroma and the odor of the scent killer, but don’t be surprised if all your buds smell like the ONA gel!

4. Shorter Curing Period

Why Do My Buds Have No Smell?
The curing process invigorates the smells of your buds. The longer the curing process the better for the terpenes.

After drying, your weed gets less fragrant. The outside is dry, but the buds still hoard terpenes in them, just waiting to be activated. The curing process invigorates the terpene profiles, making their hidden scents pop out of their coats.


The longer you drag the curing process, the bolder the buds will smell. If you cure your buds for only two weeks, they are dry and smokable, but the smell will be faint or a little far from weed. The aroma will continue to get better in the curing process for up to six months of curing. You should exercise a little patience during curing to embolden the smell of your buds.

5. The Plant’s Genes

To get the best quality from your buds, you have to alter growing conditions—maintain the perfect conditions for the plant to thrive. But you can only play within the confines of the plant’s genes. If you love your weed smelling bold, begin with skunky strains. AK-47 would give you a good smell even if you errored in some drying conditions. Conversely, if you put ONA gel in a tent where you grow Polar Express, it will completely knock its natural aroma off!



In summary, the natural weed aroma gives your buds their appeal and improves your experience. Your sense of smell is also engaged when you take weed. Even if potent, buds with no smell will not feel the same as aroma-rich buds.


To get strong-smelling buds, choose pungent strains, stop using ONA gel in the tent, harvest at the right time, and drag the curing process. Keep the environmental conditions in check throughout the plant’s growth for optimum terpene production.