6 Best Led Grow Lights Under $500 for Cannabis

5 Best Led Grow Lights Under $500 for Cannabis

You don’t have to look far to get LED grow lights under $500. With many reputable companies competing for the bloated grow lights market, you can grow lights of superb quality with $500 and thereabouts.

LED grow lights are known for their efficiency and effectiveness. They’re cool hence won’t heat-stress your plants, consume less power, and are beginner-friendly. But for most people, choosing between the many brands presents a challenge, and I hate to say this, but the higher your budget for LED grow lights, the broader the range to choose from, thus more problems.

If you have a small budget your choices narrow down to the few you can afford, and well, with fewer options, the choice is easy. But honestly, with a $500 budget, there are many super-performing LED grow lights for cannabis growing.

Comparison of The LED Grow Lights for Cannabis Under $500

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To narrow down your choices and make it easier for you to land the best LED grow lights for your cannabis growing projects, we’ve reviewed many grow lights. We checked their wattage, light output, heat output, and grow space they serve.

Lights with higher wattage give you a broad allowance to adjust the wattage according to the stage of your plants. LED grow lights rarely achieve the output on their specification, so it helps to use a higher output grow light to compensate for the wattage loss.

LED lights are great energy savers, but to save you money even further, go for full spectrum LED grow lights as the plants will need different light wavelengths at various stages. With a full-spectrum wavelength you can use one light for the rest of the grow cycle, saving you money.

Here Are The Best LED Grow Lights Under $500 for Cannabis

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In conclusion, with a $500 budget, you have a lot of high-quality LED grow lights at your disposal. These grow lights will meet your plants need at every stage efficiently.