How Many Marijuana Plants Can You Grow in Nevada?

How Many Cannabis Plants Can You Grow in Nevada?

Most states have legalized the use of weed, including the State of Nevada. Nevada legalized the recreational use of weed on the 1st of January, 2017, after a ballot initiative in November 2016. This means that the inhabitants of the state can grow weed at home if there isn’t a licensed retailer near their property.

How Many Cannabis Plants Can You Grow in Nevada?

The state of Nevada allows the growing of up to 6 cannabis plants at a time as long as there isn’t a state-licensed cannabis dispensary within 25 miles of your home. A single household is, however, allowed to grow up to 12 plants. You must be 21 years and above to grow weed in Nevada.

Nevada Cannabis Laws

Voters in Nevada first approved the legalization of medical cannabis in 2000. The Nevada medical cannabis laws did not go into effect until 2014. Up until the legalization of recreational use of weed in 2017, people in Nevada were only allowed to use weed to treat chronic medical conditions such as cancer, AIDS, and Glaucoma.


Cannabis use was also permissible to patients with medical conditions that cause seizures, severe pain, severe nausea, persistent muscle spasms, and cachexia. Any patient suffering from any medical condition classified as chronic and debilitating could use medical cannabis.


Only patients and their caregivers were allowed to purchase, possess, and cultivate cannabis. Still, they needed a medical license to avoid an altercation with the police. 


The legalization of recreational use of weed saw the law change to allow adults above the age of 21 to purchase, possess and consume up to one ounce of weed and grow up to six plants at a time. A law that took effect in January 2020 also prohibits employers in Nevada from rejecting applicants for testing positive for weed in a drug screen. This law does not apply to professions involving public safety.

Growing of Cannabis in Nevada

Before growing weed in Nevada, pay attention to the following limitations;


You must be 21 and above: Just like the legal drinking age is 21 in most states, weed growing in Nevada is only allowed for those who are 21 and over. It is illegal to start growing before then. The law also allows for growing weed for another person.


The maximum number of plants allowed: Every individual is allowed to grow only six plants at any given time. The law, however, allows every household to have a maximum of 12 plants.


Proximity to a state-licensed weed seller: You can only grow weed in your home if you stay at least 25 miles away from a state-licensed weed seller. If you have a state-licensed weed seller nearby, the state expects you to buy your recreational weed from them.


Growing area: if you choose to grow at home, the plants should be secured and kept from the public’s eye. Apart from being a prized possession that people may easily steal, it is illegal to plant openly in your backyard.


Donation: If you have more weed than you can use, you can donate it to those who are low on supply. Selling weed without a license is prohibited, but sharing with a friend or relative who is of legal consumption age is allowed. As you share, remember that you can be charged with murder if you give a person with a heart problem, and they die from complications due to its use.


As you grow weed in Nevada, be sure to stay within the law to enjoy the numerous benefits the herb brings without having altercations with the law enforcers.