Does CO2 Speed Up Flowering?

Can You Use Dry Ice To Feed Plants?

Plants need certain essential elements to produce their food, flourish, and yield. Cannabis plants are no exception. One such important element that cannabis needs to thrive and yield properly is carbon dioxide (CO2). Experienced growers use dry ice to feed plants enough C02.   When you’re growing indoors, you can run short of this supply, […]

How To Kill Aphids On Marijuana

How To Get Rid Of Thrips On Flowering Cannabis

Thrips are predatory insects that feed on both plants and other insects. These sap-sacking insects can drill openings on the leaves, flowers, and buds of your cannabis plants, drawing the juices from them and leaving them dehydrated.   Thrips can be stubborn. Most growers opine that once thrips invade your cannabis, it can be challenging […]

Can You Use Regular Dirt To Plant Weed Indoors?

Can You Use Regular Dirt To Plant Weed Indoors? (Answered)

Growing cannabis is fun, and most novice growers try to start as cheap as possible. One of the costly marijuana-growing supplies is potting soil. And when it’s out of reach, people think of crazy ideas. Using regular dirt for growing cannabis is one of such crazy ideas.    *This post contains affiliate links. If you […]

How To Treat Nutrient Burn During Flowering

How To Treat Nutrient Burn During Flowering(Plus Tips and Risks)

Nutrient burn is one of the common problems that cannabis growers grapple with. The plants need as many nutrients as they should get, but sometimes, we go a little overboard, giving them more than they can take.   Cannabis plants thrive on three significant macronutrients— nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. But still need a lot of […]

Can I Use Neem Oil During Flowering?

Can I Use Neem Oil During Flowering?

Nobody has to guess what neem oil is good for. It’s known for wide medicinal applications, and if you don’t know yet, it is also popular among weed growers.     Neem has been used for centuries for pest control in organic growing. Native to the Indian subcontinent, neem has many compounds in it, with the […]

Can You Use Bone Meal During Flowering?

Can You Use Bone Meal During Flowering? (Answered)

Cannabis growers want the best for their plants, and using bone meal is one of the proven and tested means for improving the capacity for the plant to yield healthier buds.    Bone meal is made from ground bones of commonly slaughtered animals, but mostly from beef. The bones are steamed to potentiate their properties […]

Can You Use Too Much Bat Guano?

Can You Use Too Much Bat Guano? It Can Burn!

Bat guano is a popular fertilizer within cannabis growing circles. Bat feces is rich in essential minerals that the plants need to flourish and yield. Since it is a naturally occurring fertilizer with no preservatives, bat guano is safe in the right proportions.    Being a natural fertilizer with many endorsements, most growers might not […]

Best Led Grow Lights for Cannabis Under $300

Does Reflective Material Help Plants Grow? It matters!

If you have been observant, you have noticed the insides of most grow tents are laced with a reflective material. Almost all grow tents have a reflective surface. And this happens for a reason.    Lighting is an important consideration when you’re growing cannabis. The plants should be well-exposed, absorbing all the light they need […]

How Deep Do Cannabis Roots Grow?

How Deep Do Cannabis Roots Grow? (Answered)

When choosing the grow pot to use, you might want to know how far the roots can grow so that you use a pot with sufficient depth.    Cannabis plants grow pretty fast, and some strains that grow big also reciprocate in the growth of roots. Their roots grow deeper into the medium and might […]

Are You Flowering Cannabis For Too Long?

Are You Flowering Cannabis For Too Long? (Harvesting at Peak Potency)

Growing cannabis is a timing game. From seedling to harvest, you must do everything within a suitable timeframe. Flowering cannabis is one such essential process, but sometimes you end up flowering cannabis for too long. That can be a recipe for chaos!   These extremes; flowering for too long or too little time, have undesired […]

How Do You Fix Nutrient Burn In Coco?

How Do You Fix Nutrient Burn In Coco?

Nutrient burn in coco is something growers rarely talk about. Perhaps, it’s because plants grown in coco utilize the nutrients better than plants grown in soil. Coco as a medium contains no nutrients. Thus, the plant gobbles up whatever is available in the grow bucket pretty quickly.   However, most beginners make the mistake of […]

How Many Fans Should You Have In Your Grow Tent?

How Many Fans Should You Have In Your Grow Tent?

Don’t you love it when a cool breeze soothes your skin as it slitters away? The gentle wind tickles your senses and clears the atmosphere of impurities. Cannabis plants enjoy the breeze just as much, but they need it more for survival than for enjoyment.   Outside, cannabis plants’ leaves dance effortlessly in the wind […]

Does CO2 Speed Up Flowering?

Does CO2 Speed Up Flowering?

CO2 is an essential resource for plants. Outside the plants can access CO2 in its natural distribution. Since there’s no way to enclose the plants, they make do with atmospheric C02 level.     Atmospheric C02 level is about 400 parts per million (ppm), but the plants need between 1200-1600 ppm to yield more indoors. Thus, […]

What Happens If Your Cannabis Flowers Too Early?

How Long Does It Take A Plant To Recover From Topping?

Topping is the most common way to break the apical dominance of the plant and encourage horizontal growth. It helps the plant distribute the growth hormones to the sides, encouraging the growth to branch out, and improves exposure to light.    Though topping is an essential training method that nearly all growers use, it is […]

Can You Veg For 3 Months?

Can You Veg For 3 Months?

Vegging time plays an integral part in the weed-growing process. When you veg for a suitable duration, you will get the most out of your buds. And that’s what growers want— to get the most buds from their growing efforts.   Vegging time is also one of the few factors that the grower can manipulate […]

Does Rain Lower The Potency Of Cannabis?

Does Longer Veg Mean Longer Flower?

Growing cannabis comes with the burden of keeping everything right. The veg time affects the quality and quantity of your yield immensely. The longer the veg time, the bigger the plant grows. The bigger the plant, the more the bud sites, and thus more yield.   Growers who know how beneficial vegging for longer is […]

Does Vegging Longer Increase Yield?

Why Aren’t My Buds Getting Bigger?

If you’re like most growers, you’ll want to get the best out of your plants. It takes a lot of effort, dedication, and real good financial investment to grow weed. And you want the resulting buds to be worth their weight in gold.    Airy and loose marijuana buds are good for nobody. Bigger buds […]

Does Rain Lower The Potency Of Cannabis?

Trichomes Not Turning Amber: What It Means When Your Trichomes Don’t Turn Amber

Trichomes not turning amber can leave an unsettling feeling since most growers depend on the changes in the color of trichomes to inform them when they should be harvesting.   Well, depending on trichomes on the buds to know when to harvest is wrong— widely practiced because it’s convenient— but still wrong. The color of […]

How To Dry Buds After Water Curing

Does Water Curing Get Rid Of Mold?

Mold is the ultimate nightmare of a cannabis grower. You might have done everything right, but when mold catches up with your fat, potent buds, you’re counting losses!   Growers keep mold at bay by monitoring humidity, but when the buds get infected, little can be done to save them. Most growers will throw away […]