How Do You Fix Nutrient Burn In Coco?

What Your Cannabis Plant Is Telling You When the Leaves Deform and the Buds Turn Brown and Crispy

Cannabis expresses its stresses mainly through the leaves and buds. So when you notice the leaves and buds become anything but ordinary, you want to look into the problem fast.    Sometimes the leaves deform and change color, even wilt as a natural process, but other times, the leaf discoloration and deformities reveal a deep-seated […]

Dangers of Smoking Moldy Weed

Botrytis: How Fast Bud Rot Spreads and How to Kill It

Bud rot identifies as gray mold and is a common fungus to growers in high humid climates. It is a severe malady that can make you lose a whole plant if you don’t control it.   The fungus, known as Botrytis cinerea, thrives in humidity above RH of 50%. Perk the temperature above 70F and you’ve […]