Weed Air freshener Buying Guide; What to consider before buying

Smoking weed indoors is all fun until you remain with your house engulfed in weed stank. Quite a nauseating scent especially if you’re trying to be stealthy with your smokes.


Some strains like Cat Piss and Dog Shit (yeah, those are their actual names), are even worse because they don’t only have a nasty aroma, but the stank is absorbed by paint and soon your house will be a hell-house of nasty scent. Using potent air fresheners made specifically for weed helps you to whiff off the aroma. Here are some factors to consider before buying weed air fresheners:

Weed comes in different strains that have different scents— some of them nasty. Weed scent is strong and might infiltrate the carpet, the sofa and the wall paint.


Just an ordinary air freshener can’t cleanse the scent. You need an air freshener made to combat the dank scent of weed.


Instead of picking any other air freshener just because the manufacturer has stated it’s potent, go for blunt air fresheners.

The Fragrance

Air fresheners come in different fragrances. Floral scents are mostly aggressive in masking the weed smell, but leave an equally suffocating feel in the air.


Worst, they come in different tastes depending on the flower it’s made to smell like.


Other fragrances are spicy, while others mild earthy scent. Choose a fragrance that balance effectiveness and eco-friendliness. Before buying, don’t just read the product details, do a sniff test while still at the store— most stores allow for sniff samples.


Pro tip: If you can’t sniff at the store, or when you’re buying online, choose a flavor that you’ve used before, even if with other brands. For example, if you’ve been using lavender-scented air fresheners and you loved their scent, you can buy a lavender-scented weed air freshener.

Fast action

Sometimes you get yourself in a tricky situation. You were smoking in the house and then you get a call that your church girl is in the hood and wants to drop by. If you don’t want her to catch the scent of the Kush, you need a fast-action air freshener— an air freshener that masks the scent within seconds.


Perhaps you want to set the mood right just before you leave for work and you won’t want to leave the house smelling like cheap weed and lost ambitions. You need a fast-action weed air freshener to whiff the scent from you room and clothes. You get to job stoned like Stephen, yet as fresh as the blooms of summer.

Longer-lasting fragrance

Weed stank is so stubborn that it needs a longer lasting fragrance to keep it at bay.


The truth is, very few air fresheners can handle the smoke and the aroma of weed, but a longer-lasting scent might mask the aroma and until it loses its pungent edge.


Also, an air freshener with a longer-lasting fragrance can save you a lot of money in the long run since just a few sprays is enough to keep your room smelling fresh for hours, even days.

Consider your allergies

Though air fresheners help us mask or get rid off bad scents within our living spaces, they can affect you adversely if you’re allergic to the flavors.


Floral scents are the main culprits. If you’re allergic to floral scents, please consider oil-based air fresheners.

How the freshness is delivered

Air fresheners work differently. While you can enjoy the ease of spraying can, there are other alternative forms of delivery and each has its pros and cons.


The fragrance candles burn slowly and spreads the scent to every corner of the house, but it is an open fire and you don’t want open flames when high.


On the other hand, an air spray powered by electricity works well and spreads the potency fast, but it might pose a danger to your children and pets. So, find the best delivery method that works for you.


You can get the right air freshener for a decent budget. If your budget is constrained, you can buy the lesser-known brands and take the risk.


However, if you’re willing to pay a little higher for a potent, weed-specific, and longer-lasting air freshener, then you will have to cough up a little more dollar.

Our top 5 picks of the best air fresheners for weed smell

Putting all these factors into consideration, and after reading endless reviews from other buyers, here are the top five cannabis air fresheners that will get the job done without hassles:


Most air fresheners fail at combating weed stank because they are not made for the smoke. 


It’s not odd to leave your space smelling nice after spraying. Then, when you come from outside, you’re greeted by a nasty stank. This air freshener, Smoke Eater, breaks the odor from the molecular level and whiffs it out in no time— you won’t even need to wash your curtains and do any thorough cleaning to clear the smell of weed. 


Smoke Eater eats all the ingredients of the odor; terpenes and hydrocarbons— the bad scents that your nose catches when you step into your smoking zone. It is oil-based, so it absorbs all the molecules and eliminates the smell. 


With tea tree oil as an ingredient, Smoke Eater prides itself with an aroma that doesn’t leave you chocking. Just a calm air freshener that’s tough on odors but adores nature on other aspects. 


You will enjoy using this air fresher because it comes with the convenience of an aerosol spray bottle. The power of the nozzle fills your room with an instant freshness that lasts longer. 

Just like the name suggests, Smoke Smell Be-Gone is a potent air freshener that you’ll find useful for your smoke sessions. 


This air freshener comes in small bottles, but don’t be fooled, it is one of the most potent air fresheners for weed smoke. The perfume in it is a little conc, so you want to spray it less, then wait as it disperses. It also works by infiltrating the fabrics of your sofa and curtains, removing all the hydrocarbons leaving your room even fresher than before you lit the spliff.


If your house is constantly up in smoke, this air freshener will work for you. It’s potent as a fast-action odor combatant, and the scent lingers long enough to whiff off the odor. 


It’s mostly bought as a pair, that’s double love for a bargain. 


The Cannabolish Smoke Odor Eliminator isn’t only made for smoke—it’s made to deal with weed smoke and the stank specifically. So, when people hail it for its effectiveness, know they are stoners who have used and loved its potency. 


Cannabolish is made from plant extracts to ease its ravages on the environment. It eliminates the odor by absorbing the smoke odor molecules and getting rid of the nasty weed smell completely. 


Cannabolish doesn’t mask the weed stank—

it eliminates it. It leaves a natural scent around your room— not the suffocating air of most floral-scented air fresheners. 


Though some users complain of the strong pine-like scent, it works like magic. You will spray it, and minutes later, nobody will get a clue a stoner lives nearby. 

I’ll be honest, Febreze isn’t explicitly made for weed stank, but it does a pretty good job. Thanks to its Odorclear technology, it clears the stank from the air leaving your room with a lasting fresh scent. 


Febreze might be a typical air freshener that you might have used to freshen the air in your house, but it is potent enough to clear weed stank and absorb the smoke. 

BluntPower is explicitly made for weed. It disperses weed quickly and leaves a natural fruity scent. This one emits a soothing scent of pineapple. 


The best thing with this air freshener is that you won’t even need to spray too much of it, three sprays will last for days. Yeah, that’s what they say about these air fresheners. 

We all love some good Kush. Nothing beats an evening smoke session with buddies in your apartment. The vibes are good; the stories are flowing, and nothing but high times abound. Do not remain with the burden of weed stank. 


When you wake up the next day, don’t clean the whole house because of weed stank— use a potent air freshener for weed and eliminate it in minutes. Your neighbor won’t even know a stoner lives nearby. Try any of these air fresheners, you never know, you might find your favorite. 

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