The bud’s color is an assurance of its quality. I want my nugs in that lime green color, gleaming with life when I spread them

How Much Do You Need To Smoke To Be Considered A Stoner?

If you’re reading this, most probably, you’re not a stoner. Trust me, you can’t be a stoner and fail to know you’re one. There’s just

Plant Pot Size vs. Yield: Does Pot Size Affect Yield?

The plant pot size affects yield because it controls how big the plant can grow. The pot is the chalice from where the plant draws

Will Smoking Weed In The Shower Get Rid Of The Smell?

Smoking weed is fun until you’re stuck with the weed stank for hours. It’s worse when you’re just getting a hit before you leave for

How to Grow Cannabis: A Beginners Guide to Growing Weed in 2020

Topping a marijuana plant is a skill you need to master to give new growth room and broaden the plant’s canopy. It is one of

Can You Scrog During Flowering?

SCROG during flowering is never a white or black thing. You never want much stress on the plant during flowering because any stalling in growth

Dangers of Smoking Moldy Weed

Bud rot identifies as gray mold and is a common fungus to growers in high humid climates. It is a severe malady that can make

How Long To Cure Before Smell Comes Back

After drying, you might notice a loss of taste and smell in your buds. Mostly it’s either because the buds have lost so much moisture

Does Vegging Longer Increase Yield?

Vegging for longer is praised among growing circles as an excellent way to get more out of your plants. The bigger the plant grows, the

Why Does My Bud Smell Weird?

The smell of buds is an indicator of the buds’ quality. If the buds smell weird, it means a thing or two have gone wrong