Why Does My Bud Smell Weird?

Why Does My Bud Smell Weird?

The smell of buds is an indicator of the buds’ quality. If the buds smell weird, it means a thing or two have gone wrong during the drying and curing process.




The bud’s smell accompanies the taste and gives you a favorable experience when smoking.




Weed smells have everything to do with the terpenes. When you grow in proper conditions and follow the appropriate drying and curing procedure, the terpenes should be at their peak, giving the buds their natural aroma.




Still, some strains are known for their skunky smell. Strains like sour diesel and AK-47 will engulf your olfactory cells with their pungent, sour smell. But still, the smell will be natural, not super weird.




If the buds smell like freshly cut grass, hay, or mold, then you’re staring at a problem.




Don’t worry.


In most cases, the buds regain their natural smell after a proper curing procedure.






Why Does My Bud Smell Weird?

Weird smelling buds are primarily a by-product of poor drying and curing processes. Drying for less than 7 days leaves a lot of chlorophyll content in the buds that affect the buds smell, taste, and smoothness. Aim for 7-14 days of drying to allow the buds to lose chlorophyll without losing the terpenes that give the buds their natural weed aroma.




Improper drying also leaves a lot of moisture in the buds, which give them a hay-like smell when stuffed in the curing jars.




Ensure the buds are dry enough before beginning the curing process. If you start curing prematurely, you not only risk getting weird-smelling buds but also risk losing your buds to mold infestation.

Weird-smelling buds are common among growers, but every experienced grower knows that drying and curing appropriately can retain the natural weed smell



Curing for fewer days without burping appropriately can also give your buds the weird smell because the moisture doesn’t leave the jars, causing the odd smell.




Drying and curing are the two most essential processes in nurturing the terpene profiles of your buds. If you haven’t done this before, I wrote an in-depth guide to drying and curing that will help you boost the natural smell of your buds.




Both the drying and curing processes should not be rushed. Take your time, allowing the buds to lose moisture at a slow pace. Weed curing works much like maturing wine; the longer it takes, the better the taste and aroma of the buds.




Slow drying allows the buds to lose the chlorophyll and nutrient deposits without losing the terpenes that give your buds their natural weed aroma.




Environmental factors can also influence how the buds are dried and cured. If you’re growing in highly humid conditions, your buds are prone to mold infestation which can alter their smell irreparably.




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Other than improper drying, bud infestations like botrytis (bud rot) and powdery mildew can also give your buds a weird smell. And you treat bud rot like you would a serious bud malady— don’t smoke bud rot weed as they pose various respiratory risks.  


Does Bud Rot Have A Smell?

Bud rot have a smell. It begins with the smell of rotting vegetation and takes the smell of fungus, something like rotten damp wood as it progresses.




If you identify the rot earlier, you can chop the affected buds and contain its spread.




Once you get the smell of botrytis, you can’t mistake it. Tour your grow room, enduring that the plants are getting enough air circulation. Poor air circulation in the grow room is the number one cause of bud rot.




How Do You Sweeten the Smell of Buds?

You can sweeten your buds smell by adding lemon peels in the mason jars when curing. Lemon peels will rub off their aroma on the buds and infuse it with a better smell.




Using lemon peels or flavor-enhancing additives should never be a substitute for proper curing. Weed smell is better natural, so you should instead dry and cure your buds properly and nurture the smell other than using additives and smell fixes.





There are situations where using lemon peels is the best option. For instance, when you dry your buds too fast and end up with a dry hay smell, you might not be able to get them back to the natural weed smell, especially if they go into curing when too dry.




Adding lemon peels can only be the fairer, organic way to infuse the dry hay smell and give your buds a mild fruity aroma.




In summary, buds can smell weird for varied reasons. In most cases, it will be a result of improper drying and curing procedures. But sometimes infestations like mildew and botrytis are the reason. Keep your grow room well-aerated, dry slowly, and cure properly. Your buds will regain their natural weed aroma.