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7 Smallest Weed Strains for Limited Spaces

Bigger isn’t always better. Large-sized cannabis might look good in pictures, but what will you do if it begins to outgrow your indoor growing tent? You don’t want the law enforcers knocking on your door because the pot plant is too big to hide. If you have a limited space or value stealth growing, the smallest weed strains will offer you smooth, bountiful, and potent flowers— without your neighbors raising an eyebrow.

For all weed lovers who don’t have enough space to grow their weed, here is something to smile about— the smallest weed strains can thrive in limited spaces!


As the wave of cannabis legalization continues to free the world, many people consider growing their own weed. You might be among the few who are going to try growing weed for the first time. It helps to begin small— small space, make-do tools, and few plants. This way, when you don’t get it right, the loss doesn’t cripple you financially.


The journey to hassle-free cannabis growing begins with choosing the right strain for your grow space. Yield is an important aspect, but it blinds most novice growers from other critical factors like resistance to mold, genetics, and the plant’s size.

Yes, it does.  Some cannabis strains grow tall and bushy. This means they will require a lot of space. Some strains like White Widow and Mobi Dick require ample space, the reason why they’re mostly grown outdoors. However, other strains won’t grow taller but need a lot of room for nutrients. Luckily, there are enough high-yielding strains that do well in small indoor spaces.

What Your Small Space Requires

A small space to grow your weed won’t translate to smaller returns. Nevertheless, it’s vital to grow plants efficiently. Your growing space must meet these requirements.


Plants need fresh air. So, good circulation of air is essential to keep them vibrant and healthy. It also saves your plants from pests and mold infestations.


You need to keep the space super clean and safe from contamination. You must drain the plants and get rid of the stagnant water. You don’t want to create breeding grounds for pests and endanger your plant’s health.

Enough Space for Growth

You’ll require more height than width. This keeps the lights far from the plant’s canopy as space becomes tighter as the plant grows.

Top 7 Smallest Cannabis Plants

If you ever thought you couldn’t grow your own cannabis and enjoy high-quality buds because you have a small space, this article is for you. Here are the smallest cannabis strains that do well in small spaces;

1. Critical Kush

This is an Indica-dominant cross between OG Kush and critical. Its average size allows it to grow in a limited space. If you grow them indoors, the strain will reach 60-100 cm, while in an outdoor setting, it reaches 100-140 cm. irrespective of its compact form, the plant produces good yields due to the many flowers that turn into buds. Critical Kush flowers in 8 weeks.

2. Easy Bud

Easy Bud is ideal for novice weed growers and even perfect for anyone who wants to kickstart low-key. The plant grows unnoticed and reaches 50 cm. This indicates it’s possible to grow this variety in down-low attic spaces, empty cupboards, and concealed corners of a garden.

3. White Dwarf

The white dwarf cannabis strain is a short-developing and auto-flowering plant that features a small and discrete size. It’s perfect for small spaces and can be ready for harvest in two months. This stain is an Indica-dominant variety. The plant is usually recommended to beginner growers who are looking for low-maintenance strains. The plant grows to a height of up to 50 cm.

4. Royal Dwarf

The Royal Dwarf is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for a fast-growing, small-sized plant. This strain grows to a size of 40 cm when nurtured the right way. With such a height, you can grow this strain comfortably in your bedroom closet.

This strain flowers in 6-7 weeks, making it a good choice for when you need a fast-yielding strain that you can grow with stealth.


The Royal Dwarf is Sativa-dominant and gives the social high— you know, makes you feel high-spirited, energetic, and happy. Makes for a good toke during the day when you need a little boost to keep working.

5. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a high-yielding strain that most growers love. But growers don’t love it for its small size alone. This strain provides an energizing and uplifting high—making it a favorite among non-growers too!

The strain grows to medium height, both outdoor and indoor environments. Amnesia Haze is a very productive strain and offers rewarding produce, even when cultivated in small spaces. When grown in an indoor environment, the plant will reach a maximum height of 140 cm. If you want to keep the plant shorter, use various training methods such as low-stress training to tame it.

When grown in an outdoor environment, the strain thrives in a mild climate. It can be grown in garden beds or large containers. The plant will grow up to 210 cm and still give dense buds.

6. Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is well known for its delightful taste and fast growth. Being an auto-flowering strain, Blue Cheese is a good place to start your growing journey when you’re still learning how to tweak the light cycles for maximum yield. This Indica-dominant strain is a cross between Blueberry Auto and Cheese Auto.


Blue Cheese is a medium-size cannabis strain that can grow up to 1.5 meters. It’s an ideal strain for growers with no experience but still want a great flavor. This simple-to-cultivate plant doesn’t need a lot of attention to grow. In 75 days, you’ll get a rewarding yield of heavy buds.

7. Auto Mazar

Mazer auto cannabis seeds are created from a cross between the Ruderalis, an unknown Indica, and the original  mazar. This variety is an Indica-dominant strain that inherited the hardiness of its parents. The seeds grow into tiny but vigorous plants with thin straight structures and horizontal stretch. It features stunning long leaves of a gorgeous deep green hue, and it starts flowering faster, producing many buds. The strain has an aroma reminiscent of the fresh earth after rain. It has a delightful flavor.

In Conclusion

You don’t require a lot of space to cultivate weed. However, you need to select the smallest weed strains if you have a small space. These strains will reward you with huge buds with fewer hassles and more stealth. Enjoy.