5 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains

5 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains

Every grower hopes to get the highest yield possible from the plants. You’re no different. Growing weed requires dedication and a budget (that mostly extends beyond your limits). Getting the highest yield is, therefore, a key factor for most growers. The journey to the big buds begins with the choice of the strain you want to grow.

Different strains will give varied volumes, and you must find one that meets your growing conditions and preferences. Some high-yielding strains do better indoors than outdoors, while others can brave the uncontrolled outside environment to give you the highest yield.

So, which marijuana strains have the highest yield? Any strain that can give you 500g/m2 is considered high-yielding. Big Bud, Super Skunk, and Critical Kush are just a few high-yielding strains you can grow. Read on for more high-yielding strains.

Note: Even with the best strains, you need to do a better job tending to the plants to get maximum yield from them.

High-Yielding Marijuana Strains

Cannabis strains aren’t the same in yield. While all growers want the highest yield, it all begins with choosing the right seeds.  Here are five of the most high-yielding strains;

Critical Mass

Genetics80% indica and 20% sativa
Flowering time45-55 days
Yield750g /m2 indoors
1kg/plant outdoors

The name Critical Mass is synonymous to colossal harvest. This strain is one of the highest-yielding cannabis strains you can grow indoors. It doesn’t take much, you know. It flowers quickly and forms huge colas in under two months.

Critical mass can yield up to 750g/m² indoors, but also can’t fail an outside grower— 1kg/per plant is no small yield!

Though a fast-flowering strain, the Critical Mass is highly susceptible to mold. Keep your humidity in check before you lose your buds to mold infestation.

This strain is indica-heavy, having been created from a unique blend of Afghan and Skunk #1 strains. It has a skunky aroma with a sour undertone. This is the perfect strain to toke on those evenings when you want to watch the sun go down as you indulge your thoughts.

Big Bud

Genetics85% indica and 15% sativa
Flowering time6-7 weeks
Yield500-600g/m2 indoors

The Big bud strain will broaden your smile on the day of harvest. It won’t surprise you though, because at flowering it is already packed with enough buds sites for that massive yield. The descendant of Afghani and Skunk #1 genetics can yield between 500-600 g/m2 indoors.  

Indoor growers love this strain because it grows at medium and fits easily in any tent. But that’s just part of the equation, the other is, it packs huge nugs for its height. The big buds—like its name get so heavy that you have to support them.

The Indica-dominant strain thrives indoors, exhibiting a fast and healthy growth. It flowers for between 6-7 weeks and doesn’t sacrifice on quality. Big Bud has an earthy, spicy aroma. It will give you the best toke you can have when you want to chill or have mellow drift into sleep.

Big Bud gives big buds. Don’t take my word for it; It couldn’t have won the 1st Place Indica Cup at the 1989 High Times Cannabis Cup for no reason.

Industrial Plant

Genetics50% indica and 50% sativa
Flowering time6-7 weeks
Yield600+g/m2 indoors
1kg per plant

Industrial Plant is a high-yielding blend of Indica-dominant Afghani and a sativa-heavy Thai strain. The plant’s name is synonymous to its high, industrial-level production.

When you choose this strain, and observe your grow duties diligently, you can harvest 600+g/m2 indoors. Outdoor growers can get a heavy punch of 1kg per plant.

You can bank on this strain if you’re the impatient type. At six weeks, the colas will be bursting with the promise of dank buds. The strain is high-yielding, but you can enhance the volume of your harvest with Screen of Green (SOG) technique.

It has a peppery taste, with a hint of citrus. The unique balance of the indica and sativa gives it the balanced high that keeps you happy and gives you clarity of thought.

It is also highly resistant and easy to grow. Even a beginner will have a field day with this strain.

Black Sugar

Genetics80% Indica
Flowering time50-55 days
Yield600g/m2 indoors

The Black Sugar is an indica-heavy strain that will delight you with frosty buds on harvest. The strain is made from a blend of LA OG, Black Domina, and Critical genetics. Black Sugar is rich in THC content and gives a relaxing high— good for the evening toke.

Black Sugar is 80% indica and gives the typical soothing high. It grows short and forms a short bush with lower branches. With this strain, you can expect to reap about 600g/m2 when grown from the indoors.

Sapphire OG

Genetics85% indica and 15% sativa
Flowering time57-63 days
Yield350-500g/m2 indoors
700g per plant outdoors

Sapphire OG is a tall plant that thrives outdoors. With a heigh of up to 5 meters, this strain produces buds too big for its frame. You’ll have to support it, especially after flowering as the buds get heavier. The strain is 85% indica and gives a relaxing high.

The strain yields well— can give up to 4kgs per plant. It has a pine, chocolate aroma that’s as euphoric as it’s calming.

Amnesia Haze

Genetics70% indica and 30% sativa
Flowering time10-11 weeks
Yield700g per plant

Amnesia Haze is one of the most popular strains among stoners. It’s common in smoking lounge and dispensaries, thanks to the cerebral high and the fruity scent. This strain isn’t only a favorite of stoners; growers love it too for its colossal yield.

The indica-heavy strain grows tall above the ground. When grown indoors, it can stretch to 140cms tall. You must be good at training to keep it well-spread at a shorter distance for better exposure.

When you treat this strain as good as you should, you’ll reap up to 650g/m2 indoors and 700g per plant outdoors. The strain has a high THC content at 22%.

In conclusion

Everyone wants big, high-quality buds. The journey to the bumper harvest begins with choosing the right strain to grow. However, taking care of your plants adds to the cost of getting high-quality buds. These five strains will give you the biggest harvest for your grow.