How To Treat Nutrient Burn During Flowering

How To Treat Nutrient Burn During Flowering(Plus Tips and Risks)

Nutrient burn is one of the common problems that cannabis growers grapple with. The plants need as many nutrients as they should get, but sometimes, we go a little overboard, giving them more than they can take.   Cannabis plants thrive on three significant macronutrients— nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. But still need a lot of […]

How Do You Fix Nutrient Burn In Coco?

How Do You Fix Nutrient Burn In Coco?

Nutrient burn in coco is something growers rarely talk about. Perhaps, it’s because plants grown in coco utilize the nutrients better than plants grown in soil. Coco as a medium contains no nutrients. Thus, the plant gobbles up whatever is available in the grow bucket pretty quickly.   However, most beginners make the mistake of […]

What Causes Deformed Leaves in Cannabis Plants?

Can Yellow Leaves Turn Green Again?

Yellow cannabis leaves are good for nobody. Even if you’ve never grown weed before, the yellowness of the leaves sends chills down your spine because the threat of losing your plants becomes oh too eminent. It takes a potent blend of confusion and your paranoia to write your lovely plants off. But in case you […]