Trimming cannabis is an essential process that nurtures the plant through its growth stages and helps it yield more.   Thus if you don’t trim

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Cannabis expresses its stresses mainly through the leaves and buds. So when you notice the leaves and buds become anything but ordinary, you want to

Feeding your cannabis plants is core to the art of growing. Like any other plant and other life-forms, your cannabis plants need nourishment to thrive. 

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Silica is an important nutrient for your cannabis plant, but how much is too much Silica? The plant needs Silica, among other nutrients, to flourish

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Growers don’t like hermie plants. For most growers, hermie plants aren’t worth keeping. They spoil the fun of growing and reduce the yield. Unlike female

Does A Light Mover Increase Yield? (Answered)

Growing indoors is about mimicking the outdoor growing environment and making improvements where possible. Cannabis plants grown outside enjoy the sun in all its essence.