What Are the Best Lights for Growing Indoors?

What Are the Best Lights for Growing Indoors?

Indoor grow lights continue to revolutionize the cannabis industry. These resources enable enthusiasts and professional farmers to optimize their environmental efficiency and achieve a healthy harvest with minimal effort.

Indoor growing lights stimulate growth and come in adjustable wavelengths. Most of these products are also energy-efficient, compact, and durable. But to enjoy all these benefits, you must choose the right grow light.

What Lights Are Great for Growing Indoors? Let's Compare:

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The market comprises numerous models and brands, misleading product descriptions, and confusing manufacturer statements. All these make it hard to know which specific product can fully address your needs.

This guide highlights the crucial features to look out for when shopping for indoor grow lights and suggests three great grow lights for successful indoor growing.

What Are the Best Lights for Growing Indoors?

The best lights for growing indoors are full-spectrum because you can use the same light for both Veg and bloom by adjusting the switch. They also have the right intensity, are energy-efficient, and have a cooling system that keeps your plants from extreme temperatures. Grow lights for growing indoors help get high-quality buds with minimal electricity cost.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for LED Grow Lights

You don’t want to start with lousy lighting, considering how detrimental it can be to your weed growing efforts. To ensure you end up with the right light for cannabis, here are the primary consideration factors:

  • Quality material and build
  • Excellent brand reputation
  • Power consumption and output
  • Lower heat output
  • An excellent quality semiconductor chip
  • Plant growing space
  • Flexibility and ease of use
  • Whether the lights are Full-spectrum lights
  • Return policy and warranty

Notably, the product’s price is a valid consideration, and it’s okay to look for products that will offer minimal strain to your pockets. However, cheap can be quite expensive. Instead, always consider value over the actual price. You may pay slightly more for an indoor LED grow light, but the product will serve you for long without requiring much maintenance. Besides, you only improve your yield’s volume and quality when you use the most appropriate indoor grow lights.

Indoor Grow Lights That Yield

Fortunately, you don’t have to search anymore. Here’s an overview of grow lights that you can invest in for your indoor plants.

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The 1000-watt plat light is in the full spectrum Galaxyhydro series. Besides its ability to support your indoor plant growth, the solution also offers IR for seedlings, greenhouse, and hydroponics. Here’s an overview of the features:

  • Bulb’s light – The excellent product releases infrared light, ideal for your indoor plants. Regardless of the time, location, or the stage of your plants, Releadro Grow Light is sure to deliver optimally. The manufacturer achieves this by extracting the vital white light and Blue Red IR spectrum from sunlight. This means that your plants will enhance their photosynthesis activity. Adds more Red light to increase yield by between 30 – 50 percent.
  • Better PAR value and energy efficiency – Releadro Grow Lights use Eplieds ten-watt chips and a unique 90-degree optical lens to achieve a higher Lumen output and PAR value than others in the same category. It effectively cuts on light loss, utilizing up to 98 percent of the light. As a result, it achieves the balance between energy saving and utilization efficiency. So whether it’s winter or summer, you’ll always be sure of optimal productivity.
  • Unique Zener Design and LED Bead – Instead of relying on a reflector to prevent it from affecting other LEDs, this product uses the lead and Zener design. Its power consumption is about 135 watts. Notably, plastic reflector surfaces can’t withstand temperatures beyond 70 degrees and may melt or burn out. The grow light uses an LED bead/Zener for additional safety and minimal environmental impact.
  • Efficient heat-removal – The grow light has two built-in high-speed cooling fans alongside a unique temperature controller. All these give rise to a robust cooling system that effectively dissipates heat outside the lamp. The product can be an excellent replacement for traditional 1,000-watt solutions as it consumes only 135 watts. This means that the LED board will be protected, hence a longer service life.
  • Professional support and reliable warranty – The manufacturer holds over 11 years of LED light production experience. The products must undergo high-temperature assessments and tests before they’re presented to the market. You’ll get a 24-month warranty, and you can always contact the manufacturer if you experience issues or need professional support and solutions. 

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This 300-watt LED grow light lies in the 12-band category. It comprises dual flower/veg full spectrum capabilities as well as the following features:

  • Optimal output – Platinum Series P300 LED lights are known to offer the highest lumen/PAR output for every watt. It offers between two to three times the intensity provided by standard grow lights.
  • Efficient spectral output – Platinum LEDs use the superior full-spectrum (12-band) from the lowest UV level to the highest IR for the most efficient and complete spectral output.
  • VEG/flower switches – You get selectable switches with two times high-speed whisper fans alongside upgraded aluminum heat sinks for cooling.
  • Warranty – The Advanced Platinum Series P300 comes with a complete five-year warranty alongside the exclusive 90-day return or satisfaction guarantee. 

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This 1,200-watt LED grow light is also full-spectrum and ideal for indoor planting and greenhouse setups. It offers the following unique features:

  • The Bloom/Veg switch – This revolutionary innovating was designed after comprehensive plant-growth testing. It offers sufficient lighting for plants across all growth stages for an optimal harvest. The Veg switch is the white and blue LEDs used to facilitate seed and seedling development. Bloom switch, on the other hand, refers to the red and white LED ideal for flowering.
  • Full-spectrum – The indoor growing light offers full-spectrum lighting ranging between 380 – 780 nm of natural light. This includes UV and IR necessary for all growth stages.
  • Advanced cooling system – King Plus LED uses several high-speed “mute” fans alongside advanced aluminum radiators to keep the bulb functional at temperatures of between 50 – 60°F. This prevents burns during lower temperatures, increases lighting time, and enhances plant growth.
  • Energy efficiency – This grow light leverages robust energy-saving technology, adopting the high-tech LED chip. It consumes only 243 watts of electricity and can work better than traditional 800W bulbs. Not only is the light brighter, but the technology also saves your energy costs.

Your search for indoor grow lights for weed ends here. The above alternatives have the features and capabilities to ensure seamless growth, and you’ll achieve your desired indoor harvest and cost-efficiency at the same time.