Can You Super Crop During Flowering?

Can You Super Crop During Flowering?

Super cropping is a high-stress training technique used to stress marijuana plants the right way for maximum yields. Cannabis, when super cropped correctly, grows faster and produces more buds.

Can You Super Crop During Flowering?

For a rookie grower, avoid super cropping during flowering— any slight mistake can hurt your yield. Do it during the last stages of vegging, or closely, a week to flowering. This will help the plants recover from the cropping stress before they shift their energy to producing buds. If you perfectly time the vegetative and early flowering stages of cropping, you will notice increased bud sites along the cropped branches.


You can super crop using different cropping techniques and during various stages of your crops cycle of growth. After super cropping, continue feeding your plants and water them regularly to avail the nutrients they need to heal and boost bud production.

How Super Cropping Works

A little-known fact among growers is that cannabis plants produce the THC as a defense mechanism— to ward off predators in the wild. Think of it this way; the marijuana plant’s natural inclination is to keep producing seeds and preserve itself for posterity (much like other creatures).


However, in the wild, herbivores will be attracted to the green plant with juicy, finger-like leaves. The plant in its defense produces the THC, which doesn’t taste as good or leave bad effects on the predators, so they walk away— leaving the plant to mature, produce seeds, and continue with its next generations!


Super cropping, therefore, allows us to play the predating game on the plants. It stresses the plant— reminding the plant that it is under attack and might die before it produces seeds for the next generations. The plant reacts by producing more THC to ward off the attacker and faster growth so that it matures faster. In doing so, it produces more THC-rich buds— every grower’s dream.


While leaving the cannabis plant’s outer lining intact, super cropping damages the inner fibers, causing high stress to the plant. This stress is achieved by pinching and bending the cannabis branches.


The cropped sections of the branches heal to form hardened knots. These knots end up supporting the weight of the buds as the cannabis begins to bud. You can direct the branches in whichever direction you want them to take. This can control the canopy of the plants in your garden to be more exposed to light.

How to Super Crop Your Plants

You need very few supplies to carry out this activity—your fingers, duct tape, zip ties, and a little bit of growing experience. Figure out the right plants to crop, then crush the branch’s core using your thumb and forefingers, bending it to the direction you want it to take.


Crop anything 2-3 nodes from the branch tip, and once you’ve bent them to the side you want, tie them down using zip ties.


Be gentle with the plants; you don’t want to break the branches. If this happens, do not panic because it happens even to the experienced growers. Just tie the broken limb with another branch or garden stick and tape it carefully to form a makeshift bandage. This will rectify the situation, and within a week, your plant will be healed and back to budding.

How to Super Crop Your Plants Video

Just in case the text doesn’t meet your needs, here is a video that’ll help you super crop your plant the right way:

In Conclusion

Super cropping is one of the most effective high-yielding techniques when done correctly. You should take advantage of this amazing technique to induce bigger yields and more potent fattened buds. That said, you need some experience with this technique since it can go wrong when done incorrectly, resulting in stunted growth, greater chances of pest and disease attacks, and popcorn buds.

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