Why Do You Hang Cannabis Plants Upside Down to Dry?

Does Curing Affect the Potency of Cannabis?

The curing process is talked about a lot, and it’s easy to get misinformed. Does curing affect the potency of your buds? Apart from being a delicate procedure that involves keeping a keen eye on the internal environment— humidity, temperature, light— must be monitored. If the curing process is this demanding, then it better be […]

How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors

How Dark Should a Drying Room Be?

Growing weed doesn’t end with harvesting. Every grower knows that. While the growing phase takes the most time and effort, harvesting ushers you into another delicate procedure— drying, and later curing. It is through drying and curing that the weed gets its distinct taste and aroma. Essential to retaining the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, drying […]