How to Take Care of Your Trimming Machines

How to Take Care of Your Cannabis Trimming Machines

Trimming machines cost a lot of money. Whether you’re going for the low-end brands or buying the $10,000 plus industrial trimmer, it is an investment that you want to serve you for long. You must take care of the machines to lengthen their lifespan and enhance their efficiency.


Trimming machines come in different shapes, sizes, and models. It is therefore essential to know the best cleaning methods and maintenance procedures relevant to your machine. In this article, you’ll learn maintenance procedures for a better performing trimming machine.  

Why Is It Crucial To Clean Your Cannabis Trimming Machine?

Your trimming machine gets gunked up once you begin using it. Over time, the tumbler and the blades will be swathed in resin from the sticky buds. It gets worse when you’re trimming wet buds— the resin build-up will coat the blades, making them less efficient.


When you engage your trimming machine for long hours, you will notice the quality of the trim reducing due to the resin accumulating on the blades. If it’s a manual machine, you’ll have to rotate the handle more times when the blades are coated to get the work done. This not only exhausts your machine, but it will also take a toll on you, the operator.


For the electric machines, the more gunked up the blades and tumblers are, the longer it takes to complete the job— meaning you pay more in power bills. Besides, when the blades have a thick build-up of resin on them, they don’t cut to precision, destroying your resin, among other good stuff.


Machines cough through the work when they aren’t taken care of— they will serve you for less time, and you pay for your lazy mistake by frequent breakdowns and ultimately resolving to buy a new trimming machine.


Clean your trimming machine for 20-40 minutes after a whole day of using it. And while at it, follow cleaning and maintenance instructions relevant to your machine.

How to Clean Your Cannabis Bud Trimmer

The cleaning process begins by understanding your machine. Read the cleaning and maintenance instructions— each machine comes with its unique procedure. Still, generally, you’ll need soap, hot water, alcohol, and other organic cleaning agents to remove the resin build-up.


I hope your trimming machine manufacturer had cleaning in mind when making it because some machines are just tough to clean. Disassembling some trimming machines can take all your time—you’ll be sweating your glands dry before you begin the main job. Take my advice, cleaning your machine should be easy— no unnecessary adjustments or hard-to-reach compartments.


Since cleaning is so vital in lengthening your trimming machines’ lifespan, you should consider the ease of cleaning and maintaining a trimming machine before you buy one. As you begin using your machine heavily, you’ll be grateful you chose an easy-to-clean trimming machine.


I wish there were a one-size-fits-all procedure for cleaning trimming machines, but no, every machine is unique in its design, so the manufacturer-specific instructions take the day. Thus, we’ll look into how to clean some specific trimming machines. There are a lot of trimming machines, so we can only cover so much.

How Do I Clean My Centurion Pro Trimmer?

The Centurion Pro bud trimmer is a beastly trimming machine— efficient and robust— yet you’ll be surprised that it is one of the easiest to clean trimming machines.


Though it looks huge, it has fewer parts; hence you won’t need to make many adjustments.


For efficient cleaning, follow the company’s procedures here.

How Do You Clean A Bowl Trimmer?

Bowl Trimmers are common among small-scale cannabis growers. They’re efficient and gets the work done without wasting all the good bud juices. Bowl trimmers also come in either automatic electric models or hand-spined manual versions.


Still, bowl trimmers might look the same, but each manufacturer comes with its own design—making the cleaning process unique with each bowl trimmer.

How to Clean the Satellite Bowl Trimmer Video

Tips for Longer-Serving Bud Trimming Machines

Clean your machine after every use—You never want to leave the resin build up on your blades for long. It isn’t only unhygienic but also wears down your machine since it’ll have to labor through the trimming process. A clean blade cuts to precision, faster, and doesn’t burden the machine, giving it a longer life. For efficient performance, clean your machine after every four hours of heavy use— these remove resin build-up and enhances the trimming efficiency with new batch.



Check on lubrication— After cleaning your machine several times, grease the bearings and any moving parts that might dry out during use or cleaning.


Replace worn-out parts promptly— As you use your trimming machine, you subject it to tear and wear, and you must replace the worn-out components— in most machines, you’ll have to replace the brushes and bristles annually, but still, heavy use might demand you do this sooner.


Keep your machine dry—After cleaning your machine, dry it with an absorbent cloth to keep it from collecting pathogens when in storage. Wet and musty condition isn’t good for both the health of your machine and yours.


Keep the blades sharp—Most machines have blades made from hardened steel hence won’t need sharpening, but when needed, use the sharpening stone to bring your blades back to life.


In summary, cleaning and maintaining your cannabis trimming machine is vital in lengthening its lifespan. While there is no one way to get it right, each machine comes with cleaning instructions, and it’ll be easy once you’ve mastered the process.